Zombie Roundup: Comedy Edition

Hey all! I’m back to bring you more “new to me” zombie things. This time I’m focusing more on the comedy side of the genre. The three I have today range from family friendly to wonderfully terrible. (Since I already mentioned “Shaun of the Dead” in my first ever Zombie Roundup it’s not on this list but know I love it.)  Let’s get started!

First Up we have the “family friendly” show, Bunks. It’s zombies meet Disney channel. The two leads are little shits but it’s not so scary that you can’t use it as a teaching tool for the kids in your life. AKA “don’t act like the little assholes in this. They make bad choices”. There could be some potentially stressful moments but it all works out in the end. It leans VERY heavily on the silly and bit over the top. Plus, it’s potential family zombie bonding time, so I can deal. Bonus it has a happy ending so I didn’t have to share my bed that night with a traumatized child. However if you’re an adult and want things more…. just more? I’d pass on this.


So If the last one was Disney meets zombies, Night of the Living Deb is Hallmark meets zombies. It’s the tale of a booty call gone awkward then terrifying. But really this was silly and fun. The end was great and the lore they used was consistent. There’s some gore but not too much that my Hubs would walk out. (I’m the zombie killer in the house.) It’s quirky without you wanting to punch it in the face. If you’re in the mood for some Rom-Com Zombie Cheese this is an option for you.

Last but not least we have the one that is so hilariously awful you’ll love it. Think Sharknado but zombie beavers. That’s right. ZOMBIE.BEAVERS. For me the best part is the show itself knows how ridiculous it is and goes balls to the wall with it. “Oh you think zombies beavers is nuts? WELL LOOK AT WHAT ELSE WE ADDED!” Oh man. It was so funny Hubs didn’t even mind all the gore. There are a few great jump scares too. All and all if you really want to embrace the horror/comedy vibe, watch this.

Do you have any campy zombie movie/books/media you love that makes you laugh? Let me know so I can check them out!


Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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