Winter Is Coming.


Game of Thrones isn’t back for another 2 weeks, so why not fill the void (TWSS) with our guest post by @tarabell111 and @magnolia822!

Warning: This post contains season 1 and 2 spoilers and has some NSFW gifs (thanks HBO!)


I am one of those annoying people who absolutely refuses to watch a movie or TV series until I’ve read the book that it’s based on. Well, I was until Game of Thrones became until an exception to the rule. While I’m sure that I’d gain valuable, world-building details from the books, I’d rather continue to let the TV series make me scream, flail and generally act like a raving lunatic. The books would just spoil my surprise. We’re not going to try to explain the eighty-billion plotlines of the show, but the basic idea is this. There’s an iron throne forged out of the swords of thousands of defeated Westeros enemies and EVERYONE wants a piece of that throne. There’s a whole host of families scheming to either take the throne or influence it. They’re ruthless, deceitful and oh so fun to watch. I don’t know of any other series so willing to torture, kill or maim its characters. Or with so many pretty boys–did we mention the eye candy?


Right? I’m a Robb Stark girl, but I’ll let someone else swoon over the merits of Jon Snow. I won’t deny that Jon’s nice to look at, but Robb Stark is everything I loved about his father in a younger, prettier package. Like his father, Robb is loyal and honorable to a fault. Despite the horrific circumstances that befall his family, he steps up as King of the North because it’s what is expected of him. He’s been forced to make thankless decisions in no-win situations, but has handled it with grace.

I don’t think I’d be quite as calm if I found out I’d been betrayed by my beloved mother. With George R.R. Martin’s lack of mercy for his readers, I’m afraid for where Robb’s storyline is headed. I’m way too attached.

As far as the ladies go, I have a major girlcrush on Daenerys Targaryen. When we met her the first season, Daenerys was this mousy, meek little girl being used as her brother’s bargaining chip. You can’t blame a girl for not having much self-esteem when her brother tells her that he’d let a tribe of 40,000 men and their horses fuck her if it bought him an army.  She’s wed to the fierce and smoldering horse lord, Khal Drogo (played by Jason Momoa in all his muscled glory). Through her relationship with Drogo, Daenerys begins to come into her own and out from under the control of her brother. She truly becomes the Khaleesi. Further proof that she’s a badass–she eats an entire horse heart when she must have been experiencing some serious morning sickness. Daenerys experiences her share of angst and heartache, but it’s looking like she’s going to come out on top.

The Progression of Daenerys (1)


The Progression of Daenerys (2)
The Progression of Daenerys (2)
The Progression of Daenerys (3)

Hmm, I’m feeling like I forgot something important about her…


For the first time in hundreds of years, Daenerys has hatched three dragons. With her dragons by her side, the Khaleesi is marching towards Westeros and blazing a path in her wake. DRACARYS bitches!



As a man, George R. R. Martin gives off the air of a jocund, intelligent, yet slightly seedy college professor. You can imagine him leering inappropriately up ladies’ skirts or down their blouses, which is why this SNL sketch is so hilarious. I saw him at SDCC ’12
with some of the cast and this impression was only solidified. As a writer, he’s the type some readers love and some love to hate. After reading the first book in the Game of Thrones series, it’s easy to see why. Though I enjoyed the book in the end, I found it very hard to get through, not least because the POV changes chapter-by-chapter and the character shifts are often jarring—as soon as you’ve gotten invested, the narrator changes. Now, I know the reason he’s chosen this style, but it’s really not for me.

I’ve heard tell that plotlines and characters drop off the face of the earth only to appear again two books later, and for a reader as impatient as I am (and a writer as notoriously slow as Martin is), there’s no way I could stand the wait.

So okay, I’ll probably never finish the books, but I’ve found, as Tarabelle has, that not knowing them doesn’t impede enjoyment at all. This is one of those rare shows that’s so well done you don’t even need the original source material (though I’m sure there are hard-core fans of the books that are glaring at me right now. Waves) So, without further ado, onto the show!

While the novels themselves aren’t terribly graphic in nature, on the show bewbs abound, as do asses (and there are many, many fine asses, male and female). But the thing I love about GoT is how it makes you care about almost all of the characters (save one, the brat-prince Joffery). This is an homage to the books and the switching POV that I mentioned earlier, but what I found irritating in the books works excellently in the more externalized TV medium. From episode to episode and season to season, you learn more about each of the characters and start to sympathize with them; this, in turn, undoes
the ‘good vs. evil’ binary that we so often find in these types of shows and worlds, making most of the characters dynamic: flawed, vulnerable, honorable—and not.


The character that typifies this process for me is my current favorite: Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer. At the start of the series Jaime is at the height of his powers. He belongs to a formidable and manipulative family who, in season 1, are presented as the enemies of the protagonist family, the Starks. Proud, haughty, and cold, Jaime and his sister/lover (yep, there’s incest) do something unconscionable. Unforgivable. As the seasons go on, however, all of the things you think you know about Jaime are undone, one at a time. In this current season, his scenes have been the most riveting (and painful) to watch for me. And yes, I ship him with someone (I won’t say who because of spoilers, but those who watch probably know).  It doesn’t hurt that he is also a fine piece of man-flesh. We finally got to see his ass! Woooooooot. Skljdlfkjsdf

Seriously this is the most naked show ever. (Tara–not that we’re complaining)

But what about the manlove, Magnolia? you might be asking. Well, there is some, so yay! I’ve heard that the Renly/Loras love story is more drawn out in the books, but I really enjoyed watching them onscreen, though their time is limited. They are adorable because of reasons!!

We not only get eye fucking,
We not only get eye fucking,
we get real fucking too!
we get real fucking too!

(PS, GoT producers, we need more manlove. MORE. And something for the femmeslashers please and thank you).

AyraGendryThat brings up a good point. What about the ladies? Well, the ladies are awesome! Daenerys is many people’s favorite, as Tarabelle discusses, but I adore Arya, the youngest Stark girl. She might be considered a Mary Sue, but for that reason she’s one of the most likeable characters on the show (at least for me). In spite of her youth, she’s resourceful, resilient, and hell-bent on revenge for some pretty heartbreaking reasons. Basically, she’s not going to take anyone’s crap. I love her friendship and innocent near-romance with the (literal) bastard, Gendry. Merlin and Skins fans, you might not recognize Joe Dempsie anymore, because whoa. See? Arya is impressed.

I could go on and on, and I would, except I have to go read some Jon Snow/Robb Stark fanfic. Come hunt me down on Twitter for links, and enjoy the show!

-@tarabelle111 & -@magnolia822



  • Mich (mouse555)

    I’ve read the first 3 books and am truly struggling with the 4th, but as both said, they aren’t truly needed as the show is so damn close!

    I am a Jon Snow girl simply because he’s quite naive which makes him endearing. (He deals more with the whole ‘bastard’ thing in he books than in the show). But I can see the attraction of both Robb and Jamie lannister!

    As for girlcrush… I seriously want o be Danaerys when i grow up. That bitch is BADASS!!

    I am surprise nothing of Joffrey has been mentioned. I do believe that it is not possible to talk about GoT without talking about how much viewers/readers want to impale that upstart little shit on his own damn thrown!

    Great post!

  • Brie Keysmash

    Oh man, I am so behind on this show. But since a lot of my shows just hit their finales, I think I will use this summer to catch up. I really love how bad ass the women are on GoT. I’ve never read the books, and honestly, I don’t think I will. For me, it’s easier to put faces with (confusing) names so watching the drama unfold makes things less complicated for me. Tyrion is probably one of my favorite characters along with Daenerys. Bad ass mother of dragons, HELL YEAH! Thanks again for writing this ladies!

  • icmezzo


    I flail with you girls every Sunday night, but…just… YESSSSS.

    I haven’t watched television this good in years. maybe ever. Every week my jaw drops, I laugh, I want to throw something across the room, and I want to ship some character with someone I’d never thought to ship him or her with before. Brilliant.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to remember what Loras does right after that little gif plays out…

  • Tarabelle111

    We struggled with who to include! There’s so many wonderful characters. Tyrion is probably my second favorite. After last week’s outburst, he might be my favorite. I thought about writing about my most-hated character (obviously Joffrey), but just ran out of time. Could have added Baelish and Theon to that pile too. It’s the mark of a great show to make you care so deeply for so many characters!