Why I will Stan Uhura and Nichelle Nichols 5eva

One thing that will take my love from casual to Stan is when something has a great history. Something bigger than itself. Uhura and more importantly the amazing women who brought her to life, Nichelle Nichols is a prime example of that. I love her so much that when I saw her at SDCC a few years ago while she was visiting the M.A.C.  booth I cried. Well I really cried bc all the M.A.C. cast members giving her the vulcan salute and her climbing out of her car to give it back but you get the idea. Now I struggled with how I was going to explain the history that is the foundation of my love but ultimately it really should come from her. I’m sharing three of countless videos on Trek history, to give you an idea of it’s impact.

First up we have Nichelle Meeting a fan that would change her life.

I get teary when I hear that one. He wasn’t wrong either. After Trek she worked with NASA. This next video is a brief recap of Uhura’s impact. I think it’s important to remember that things don’t exist in a vacuum.

When I watch this I want to point and yell “THIS IS WHY REPRESENTATION MATTERS!!!!”.

Lastly we have one more example of how Uhura inspired one of my favorite actors of life.

I hope these offered just a little peek in to the epic history of Star Trek. Do you have fandom history hold close to your heart? Let me know!

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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