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20.10.2013 week in keysmashWe understand that even the most hardcore fanpeople have real lives that demand their attention. (Can someone do away with the whole ‘paying bills’ thing so we can quit our jobs and be full-time fans? Thanks.) Here’s a recap of this week’s posts so you can caught up on all the keysmashing.

New York Comic Con: Saturday Recap: “We apologize in advance if this post is all TEEN WOLF TEEN WOLF TEEN WOLF. We saw a LOT of awesome stuff on Saturday, but like. TEEN WOLF.”

New York Comic Con: Sunday Recap: “Okay, on to our last day of New York Comic Con. Cry, sob, etc.

We started out with a spin around the show floor for more goodies. Seriously you guys, we have so much to giveaway it’s obscene. Like Meg almost got charged for an overweight bag on the way home, obscene.”

New York Comic Con: Cosplay: “Everywhere we turned this weekend there was cosplay. Some of it we recognized immediately – like the Merlin above – but even more of it went right over our heads. Game characters, comic characters, anime characters, and more throwback cartoon characters than an 80s or 90s kid could want. We snapped a ton of pics to share with you.”

New York Comic Con: A Fan’s Perspective: “I didn’t really know what to expect from New York Comic Con. I’ve been to fan conventions before, but being a huge Harry Potter fan attending LeakyCon is way different from being a casual comic fan and attending Comic Con. I knew there would be things there that interested me, obviously, as I’d read the schedule, but the main focus of the thing was way over my head.

Turns out it didn’t matter.”

New York Comic Con: The Press Perspective: “I’ve attended San Diego Comic Con as a fan and I have to say that my experience there was not a whole lot different than my experience at NYCC with a press badge. Being press didn’t give me the ability to get into panels early and didn’t offer any reserve seating for any of the events. I was honestly okay with that because part of what makes cons fun is standing in line with hundreds of other fans. It’s stressful as all get out, but it’s also exciting and when you finally do get in and get a great seat, you feel like you’ve really accomplished something. I could get into the convention center a little earlier than the people who had fan passes, which was nice but at the end of the day, I would have rather just gone in with Liz. I’m a fan, first and foremost.”

New York Comic Con: Teen Wolf Roundup and Giveaway!: “Since there was a LOT of Teen Wolf happening, we thought it might be a good idea to do a recap of all the press, videos, pictures and gifs that we’ve seen. Not just ours, but anything that’s popped up around the internet over the past week. Plus, we have a super cool and exclusive giveaway for you and figured a roundup post would be the perfect place to do it!”

Are you all caught up? Good. Because another week of keysmashing starts tomorrow!

Keysmash OT5

Keysmash OT5

keysmash \ KEE-smash\ verb

1. Randomly hitting your keyboard to express overwhelming emotion, such as anger or excitement.

ot5 \ oh-TEE-fahyv \ noun

1. Favorite combination of five persons in a fandom.
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