We got the best Kevin Spacey. (Ghosted 1.01, “Pilot”)

I’ve been excited for this show since SDCC. I mean how can you not be excited for a show that brings LASER TAG to the con. I’m an easy sell I guess. The basic concept of the show is Men In Black meets Buddy Cop drama.  The pilot really hits the ground running and kicks right off with the action.

Adam Scott is an awkward disgraced PHD  Professor who’s now working in a book store. He’s pretty open with the fact that be believes his wife as been abducted by aliens. Super. Craig Robinson, is a former LAPD Officer, now mall cop trying to make due. They are kidnapped and bribed into helping a secret government agency that monitors the paranormal.


They get off to a bit of a rocky start (BRING ME A HIGHER LOVE) but work through. Once they get started working on their mission it goes hilariously terrible. One thing I love is that through all of it they never resort to tired stereotypes with Craig’s character. He’s smart thoughtful and acts like how you’d expect a human to act in the banana situations they end up it. They both do. Adam Scott does awkward SO WELL. LOL

This was the perfect first episode. It established a fun world, laid great ground work for it’s leading men and left me wanting more. It also didn’t do that annoying thing that leaves you with no clue about what you just watched. There is a clear story line and I like that. Sometime I just want to sit down and watch something that doesn’t make my brain work too hard. Anyone else feel like that sometimes?

All and all I can’t wait for more. I’m gonna need you all to watch so we can talk about it. You know you want to!!

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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  • Liz Keysmash

    I laughed out loud several times. Also, the glasses and elbow patches are A LOT, and I hope they feature heavily in the wardrobe for the rest of the season.

    “There is a clear storyline and I like that.”

    YES. Oh my god I didn’t even think about that until I read it, but it honestly is so refreshing. The blessing of a sci-fi sitcom!

    • Mel keysmash

      I was thinking of calling this either “I’m afraid of ducks” or “Watch ya face” LOL

      I’m glad I’m not alone in the storyline department too bc I’m kinda over the whole “mystery ooooOOOooo” plot line with one exception. DIRK GENTLY LET ME LOVE YOU! (Push my bum so I can go up)