Thursday SyFy Live Taping or When Liz Had No Chill

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So on Thursday evening the lovely Liz sent me a text saying she snagged tickets to the SyFy Live taping. She lured me in with the promise of seeing the BSG cast.  She also mentioned Adam Scott but I was there for the BSG. We met up and I knew I was in for an adventure when Liz and I lost my Hubs. (He’s kind of a hard guy to lose too.)

SyFy greeted us with tasty treats, lots of water, fans and sunscreen. We were taken to the far side of the stage which seems pretty neat and was less crowded which wins all the things.

Honestly, SyFy wins the entire convention. The SDCC Unofficial Blog already talked about this, and I just want to say I totally, 100% agree. SyFy went ALL OUT, and somehow it didn’t feel like a cheap marketing ploy.

When I got the email about the available tickets, I wasn’t unsure if I wanted to go. It interfered with some panels, it was standing room only – but then I saw Adam Scott and knew I had to go.

The setup was so cool! We ended up on the side of the stage that didn’t get included in any of the fun (or screen time), but we had good company and free popsicles. That kiwi Popsicle was so freaking good, I wish I had one right now.

Also, we were on the side of the stage that got to see Adam Scott’s butt. Oh, and the side that all the talent walked past to get on/off stage. NBD


I’m titling this photo “Mel’s fear of having to bail Liz and our new friends out of jail for tackling Adam Scott”. But seriously this spot was a total perk. Hubs was a wee bit grumpy about having to stand for 2hrs until he realized he was standing so close to Adam Savage and James Roday. It was kind of adorable to see the look on his face.


Besides the perk of being close to our faves I think you know we had a good time when we didn’t even mind standing for hours. SyFy gave me a fan and sunscreen to shield my skin from the death ball in the sky, I drank no less than 5 of the water bottles they had for us, and I was able to make new friends who gave us what may have been the best quote of the con:

What’s the point of owning your own small business if you can’t tattoo your vacuum.

Which I think drives home why I love SDCC so much. It’s the people we meet at awesome events like this. It’s the stories we get to exchange of the crazy shit you’ve done while in cosplay. The lines you slept out in. Stars that you met just walking the floor. (Doug Jones is still the king of this). Syfy made that happen with great a great environment that was about more than what we could get out of it.  I really hope they do it again next year and that others follow their example.

AND! If you want to watch this episode of SyFy: Live From Comic-Con, go here. Watch Adam and Craig Robinson play a game show! And keep an eye out for our write up of the pals we made at the taping (their company mission is so freaking cool).


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