Things I Love Thursday: My Little Pony Edition

Hey friends! In honor of the My Little Pony Movie being out I wanted to dedicate my “TILT” to a show I love oh so much!


This will come to a shock to no one that Ioved this movie. It was everything I expect from the show and more. Just go see it. It will make your heart happy. Seriously, though I want to talk about it so go see it! There were merponies. MERPONIES. I know what my next cosplay will be.

Weird Al as Cheese Sandwich via

So it wasn’t until I was singing along to the soundtrack that I realized this was Weird Al! I simply love it when two things I love come together in one mega awesome thing. It’s a really sweet story line here too.

Reminders on how to be a good friend. via

But on a more serious note, the thing I love most about this My Little Pony is how even as an adult it teaches/reminds me to be a good friend. From simple things, like learning to accept help, to more complex ones like losing someone you love and dealing with that loss. I love this show and it gives me hope for the future.

Do you have a show like this that you love, too? Let me know!

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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      Right?! I remember freaking out at SDCC when I saw the poster with them but forgot and then freaked out again when I was watching the movie. MER-PINKIE PIE HERE I COME!