Things I Love Thursday

I follow some really inspirational, fun bloggers who write about living with chronic pain and illness, and when I came across this weekly feature on The Girl with the Five Lads, I jumped on the chance to get involved. I’ve been wanting to do a “positive stuff” weekly post for a while now and this is the perfect outlet for that.

From The Girl with the Five Lads:

It is so easy to forget all the passions you are “gifted” with Chronic Illness.
Never allow yourself to forget who you are.
Have you forgotten what sets your soul on fire?
Well now is the time to rethink being ill.
I missed the last couple of weeks because of Dumb Life Shit, but I’m here today! Getting back into the swing of things slowly but surely.
Here are the things that have fed my soul this week. Please share yours in the comments, or come chat on Facebook.

The inaugural World Okapi Day! Odd-toed ungulates are my favorite, but I will make an exception for the okapi. Such cool animals.

This picture of my dog Turtle with a turtle he found during Hurricane Matthew.


It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! This was on last night and it made me so happy.


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