Things I Love Thursday

Hey all! Time to share the things we love. I’ll go first!

Chris Owens

So a few weeks ago Hubs and I got to me Chris Owens. He plays 2nd base for the Diamondbacks. Right before we took this picture he asked “Ma’am are those cookies in your purse?”. Yes, yes there were. Hubs has shoved them in there so we could take the picture and then leave. lol I didn’t think to offer him one. Oops? He was really nice though and let us take a bunch of photos with him. Now that the seasons started he’s doing really well and I feel like all proud like I have anything to do with it. LOL But that’s the thing, I’m more likely to root for the guy who was nice than the player who does really well but is a dick. Lucky for me Chris is both. (And yes I cropped hubs out of the picture. It’s his punishment for stuffing cookies in my purse.)

Puffy clouds

Ok so we don’t get clouds like this very often here and I just love it when we do. Most of the time it’s clear skies and sun so when we get these I enjoy the shade. It’s the simple things.

Spring flowers.

I think this one is self explanatory, right?

What are things you’ve been loving?

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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