Things I Love Thursday

Hey all! Let’s talk about some things we love!

I love feeding these ducks. Now don’t worry, this feed is duck friendly and bought from a feed store. I feel like a little kid when we go and do this. These ducks live at a nearby preserve and are so friendly. It feels so cool when they eat right out of your hand.

My Sister in law

Ok so a few Sundays ago a very unfortunate thing happened to someone. Needless to say, I was one of folks who discovered it and fell on the sword to clean the mess. All I can say is, when I get old and accidentally poop my pants in a church (tracking it all over) I hope others will be as cool about it as I was. Once I was safely home I showered twice and called my sister in law to explain why we missed seeing them. She had a good laugh with me and empathized about the whole situation. A few days latter this package arrived and I couldn’t help but laugh. (It’s SUPER fun to throw at the walls.)

Lastly I wanted to share how much I love this video! I want them all and figured you might too. Look at those squishy faces!!

Let me know about things you love!

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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  • Liz Keysmash

    Oh my gosh, that poop! *facepalm*

    • Mel keysmash

      Sticky the Poo is so much fun. If for nothings else then the out of context phrases like “It’s my turn to play with the poop!” “Stop throwing the poop at the TV!”