Things I Love Thursday

Hey All! Mel here and I want to talk about things we love. My goal here is to highlight the somewhat small things that can make a huge difference in our day to day. Come this way as I share a few of mine.

Hearing my kids sing to each other at bedtime (via)

So lately my kiddos have been singing songs to one another when they’ve gone to bed. I don’t know if they realize we can hear them but I’m not saying a word because it’s become one of my favorite parts of the day. They may not be in the right key or know all the words to the songs they sing but it’s a perfect way to wind downed my day.

My cat nap eye mask (via)

This adorable eye mash has been a life saver. I’m the first to bed with this beauty I can fall asleep at 9:30 like the responsible adult I am. It let’s my hubs do what he needs to without it keeping me up. It’s the little things.

Life Saver Mints via

So I love these things. They just make me happy and I wanted to share.

What are things you’re loving or that make you happy for no reason at all? Lemme know in the comments below!

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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    I <3 that sleep mask!