Things I Love Thursday

Hey all! It’s that time to talk about things we love! My goal here is to highlight the somewhat small things that can make a huge difference in our day to day. Come this way as I share a few of mine.

I love Jonathan Groff or as I loving call him “Groffles”. He is a delight. I mean who else can talk about f*cking themselves and still come out looking like a ball of sunshine. Groffles, THAT’S WHO. If you haven’t watched the Side By Side with Susan Blackwell with him on his families farm, you should. THERE ARE FAINTING GOATS. I love him and all the things he chooses to be.

Hot Fries

It’s shark week in these parts and this brand of Hot Fries is how I get through it. I love them and the stress these tiny fire sticks melt away. I know it’s not the greatest life decision to eat one of these a day but it is what it is. There’s just something about them that I love even though I shouldn’t.

The bluetooth speaker I stole from my husband

This past Xmas my Hubs company gave him a bluetooth speaker that I have since claimed ant taken to work with me. I work mostly by myself for the most part doing dishes and need something to help me stay motivated. I also need something to help me dance and get my 10k steps in for the day. This little buddy does just that. I now subject my coworkers and students to the glories of my internationally cultivated playlist. Sorry Not Sorry.

And lastly I love that I got to cry happy tears at an election outcome in almost a year. Keep up the work friends!

What are you loving this week? Anyone else cry happy tears at 4(!!!!) Trans folk elected into public office of major cities? Junk food you love to eat even though you shouldn’t? Lemme know!


Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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