They’re auctioning off the Twilight movie series props and I have many feelings.

A good friend of mine once told me this story about discovering Star Trek: “I was about 12, and I went round to my cousin’s house. He was watching this TV show and I said, ‘What’s that?’ He told me it was Star Trek. And then I woke up when I was 18 and was arguing about how they got the registry number wrong in the first JJ Abrams trailer.”

Twilight was a bit like that for me. In 2009 I was not having a good year. I had recently split up with a long term boyfriend, my boss was a terrible bully, and I was living with my parents because I’d had some serious medical problems.

In an attempt to be more sane, I quit my job and started temping in London. And to distract myself from the horror of the daily commute, I downloaded movies to watch on the way. I knew Twilight existed, but in my fog of sadness and illness it’d almost passed me by. Until one of the films I downloaded to watch was New Moon.

Over the next few years I read all the books, travelled to Forks, and made some of the closest, most amazing friends I’ve ever known. They’re people I am so grateful for. Because Twihards get feeling like shit, and struggling with self esteem, anxiety, depression and inexplicably wanting all the worst things for you.

Twilight is about isolation and abandonment, and about extreme feelings. It’s a series which lures the inner life you’ve always kept hidden, tucked inside your ribs, out into the open. That’s… me. And, it turns out, a lot of other women and girls.*

The movies, while not perfect, did a pretty decent job at creating the books on screen. Which brings me to the point of this post: there’s a prop auction of Twilight series movie props. And it’s on right now (bids are open, with the auction closing on 19-20 November 2016).

In case you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the 900+ items on sale, I’ve had a browse through the interactive catalogue. And I promise there are better items than Edward’s bedroom urn.


Here’s my top twelve (cos I couldn’t pick just ten) if you’ve got 400 years worth of cash to burn. Tell me what you’d bid on in the comments if you weren’t a broke millennial like me!

Bella’s t-shirt quilt


Jacob’s letter to Bella


Edward’s Cullen crest wrist cuff


Bella’s charm bracelet


The Swan’s porch bear


The Cullen’s giant wooden cross


A big-ass wolf special effects stand-in


Edward’s crushed phone


Jasper’s flashback outfit


Carlisle’s Volturi costume


Alice’s baseball outfit


Charlie Swan’s police badge



*Just to be clear, I’m not trying to pretend there aren’t big, huge, gaping issues with the Twilight series, not least of which involve consent, control in relationships and abortion rights. I’m just saying I’d still pay money for a big-ass wolf special effects stand-in.

  • Mich

    GIVE ME LOT 391! I want, no NEED!!!! The rest I’m not fussed about, but… *collapses in heap sobbing*

    • Rachel

      I KNOOOOOOOW. Ye gods.