The Stages of Grief AKA A Cancelled Con

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So back in February, I did a guest post about the Time Lord Expo. I had purchased my tickets for the event back in December and even the bonus photo-op in January. With the months that passed, I have gotten more excited about going. I had even set up a watch schedule for some of the classic Doctor Whos.

Then the horrible news came.

I remember it clearly. I was catching up on Twitter before driving off to my next appointment. The event was cancelled.

My first reaction was exactly what you think it was: “Someone got their twitter hacked.”

I checked the event’s Facebook, and sadly their Twitter wasn’t hacked. It was true. The event was cancelled. (Apparently due to scheduling conflicts, a guest’s health, and the organizer had some personal issues so instead of doing a half put together con they decided to cancel it.)


From there my next reaction was to call my girlfriend who lives out of town and was going to be coming up for the event. I needed to make sure she was still going to visit.

After confirming that she would still visit, I began to quickly move on to the next stage: rearranging my plans.

The upside to everything though is that my girlfriend is also a multi-fandom person who enjoys being crafty, so I knew that if we could find something fandom-ish, even just doing fandom crafts, we will be happy campers. Bonus is I live in the midwest so we can also do fall stuff.

With plans rearranged, I was able to move to the last stage of grief: Acceptance.

So this weekend instead of spending our days with lots of Whovians, I am accepting the fact that other things have to be done. Things like making some fandom skirts, a fandom puppet, a corn maze and possibly making homemade applesauce.

All in all I think I will successfully move through my stages and still have a good weekend with my girlfriend.

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  • B.

    I’ve been lucky so far not to have an entire con cancelled on. Hopefully they can reschedule and you can make the next one!

    • I’m hoping that they can eventually re-plan everything, but at this moment it doesn’t seem like it. Bonus though they were quick about refunds

    • leckadams

      I doubt that they will do another one. Things really fell apart towards the end & the organizer spent a year planning this one.

  • Mel keysmash

    I’m sorry! That’s no fun at all!

    • leckadams

      It’s super disappointing, but because it’s cancelled I have at least 2 corn mazes with my name on it