The Language of Love

fandom \ ˈfan-dəm \ noun

1. all the fans (as of a sport)
2. the state or attitude of being a fan

Being in fandom involves learning a whole new language. It’s full of acronyms and abbreviations and words that sound as if they have no place (lemons, what?!) in a conversation.

While this blog is going to be extremely skewed towards fanpeople, we are also planning on writing posts about things that are not boybands or shows about teen wolves, but we are so fluent in the language of fandom that we might let a squee out while we’re talking about nail polish. That’s why we thought we’d write up a quick glossary to aid people who may not have any idea what fanon is. A sort of fandom immersion school, if you will.

If you’re new to internet speak, this may help you as well. Take it from someone who had no idea what gpoy meant until she Googled it, not everyone jumps onto Tumblr knowing what all those tags mean.

This list became so extensive (thanks to our Twitter followers for all the excellent input) that it became nearly impossible to organize in any way other than alphabetical. Also please understand that these aren’t written in stone, they’re only written on the internet, and they reflect our knowledge of netspeak and fandom language only.

# – !*/

  • 1D: One Direction (a.k.a. the boys, the puppies)
  • 5ever: even longer than forever
  • !: used between a descriptor and a noun, i.e. kid!fic, uni!AU, bb!Derek
  • **: used on either side of a word to make it into an action, i.e. *sobs*, *headdesk*, *snuggles*; used on either side of a word to show stress, i.e. I *thought* it was a good idea.
  • ~: similar to air quotes, used to express satire, sarcasm, irony, or euphemism, i.e. they had ~reasons, blame it on ~MGMT
  • //: Used to place stress on a word like italics without having the option to italicize, like when in distress, i.e. /cry/, /LIZ/
  • <3: It’s a heart! No, it’s not an ice cream cone, a pointy penis and balls, or a butt on a cone.

A – E

  • A/B/O (A/O): alpha/beta/omega; a kink/trope in which characters have roles in a hierarchical system, occasionally featuring werewolves and/or knotting
  • AH: all human; fan works that depict supernatural characters as humans
  • AO3: Archive of Our Own is a newer website for posting fan works, where you can leave kudos as a “like” for a work, and also comments. AO3 has a tagging system for relationships, characters, warnings, and tropes that is sortable and searchable, making it easy to find fic where your favorite characters are “cuddling” or having “oral sex.” AO3 offers downloads of fan works, and in different formats, so you can add .mobi or .epub files to your e-reader. It requires an invite to join, and the waiting list can sometimes be long, but it’s probably the most popular site currently in use for fan works.
  • AU: alternate universe; in which you place characters from one world into another, i.e. Edward and Bella as non-vampire university students, or Harry and Louis as famous footballers
  • avi: Short for avatar, or a picture you use to represent yourself on various platforms, such as Twitter or Tumblr.
  • bb: baby
  • basic: not even good enough to be called average
  • because of reasons: used when you don’t necessarily want to admit your motivations; i.e. Q: Why do you need to see a picture of Harry Styles shirtless? A: Because of reasons.
  • beta: a person who reads through your fic looking for spelling and grammatical errors before posting, can also point out issues with plot, characterization, etc. and make suggestions
  • bless: a way of saying thank you or “you’re the best”, because sometimes the feels bring out one’s spiritual side
  • BNA: big name author
  • BNF: big name fan
  • btw: by the way
  • BYE: Done. Over it. Can’t handle any more. But like, in a good way. “Jeff Davis said that Derek will spend all of S3 shirtless?! BYE.”
    • GOOD BYE: alternate version
    • GOOD NIGHT: alternate version
    • I NEED A NAP: alternate version, when you just need to lie down
  • canon: Reality, essentially. Canon is what really happens. The actual plot of a book/movie/television show, what really happens to a celebrity in their real life.
  • chibi: refers to a style of fanart that depicts people as cartoons with larger heads and smaller bodies


  • chinhands: What you do when someone is saying something that makes you all dreamy-like. See Uncle Simon for a demonstration.
  • comm: Communities on LJ/DW. Oftentimes people will put their fan works in a community and ask you to join that community in order to see them. It offers a certain level of anonymity and privacy.
    • com: alternate spelling
    • join the comm: a requirement for one to join the community in order to see the works posted there
  • con: convention, such as Comic Con, Wonder Con, LeakyCon, etc.
  • crack!fic: a story so ridiculous that the author was clearly on crack when they wrote it
  • creys, all my: melodramatic way of saying you’re having emotions about something that may bring tears to your eyes, where creys are crys, or tears
  • crossover: putting two or more fandoms in the same universe; i.e. writing a story about Buffy helping Daryl kill zombies in The Walking Dead, or Jacob from Twilight joining Derek’s pack in Teen Wolf
  • D/s: dominance/submissive, where one person gives control to another in a sexual situation or as a lifestylee; common label on fic to notify of a dom/sub relationship. Leather, whips, and chains totally optional.
  • dash: Tumblr dashboard, the feed of posts from blogs you follow in chronological order
  • diaf: die in a fire
  • dnw: do not want
  • drabble: story with exactly 100 words
  • dubcon: dubious consent, meaning a sexual scene in the story involves one or more of the characters not giving explicit consent to the sex
  • DW: Dreamwidth is very similar to LiveJournal in the way that it is set-up and used. The difference here is the way the site is run in the background, and the reliability of DW has made it more popular in recent years as people make the mass exodus from the somewhat less reliable LJ. Dreamwidth is also free to join, and has the same community function, as well as trackable comment threads, that LJ has.
  • EWE: epilogue, what epilogue?; used in Harry Potter fan works to denote the creator ignoring the canon epilogue

F – J

  • facepalm: covering/smacking your face with your hand because you’re exasperated
  • fan down: rather like man down (one of the variations, as well as fangirl down) in that the person saying it is out of commission
  • fan fiction: Works of fiction using pre-existing characters from books/movies/music/television or other forms of media
  • fan video: Videos created from clips of movies/music/television (sometimes including quotes) set to music. Often these are meant to evoke a certain feeling, show moments between a pairing/grouping, or used to make a non-canon pairing appear to be canon.
  • fanon: This is what is widely accepted among fans, that may or may not have a basis in reality. Fanon is Isaac Lahey being a wounded little puppy (even though he’s a snarky little bastard in the show) or Draco Malfoy being fussy about his appearance (even though J.K. never gave us his POV.)
  • feels: feelings
    • right in the feels
  • femslash: female/female pairing
    • femmeslash: alternate spelling
  • fest: an event organized for the purpose of creating fan works, usually themed (seasonal or based on a trope/kink)
  • ff: follow Friday; a hashtag used on Twitter to suggest people to follow to your followers
  • FFn: Another fan fiction site where you can post, read, and review stories. Most Twilight fan fiction is/was hosted here. It has stricter rating and user guidelines than AO3 and hasn’t changed it’s browser interface since 1996.
  • ffs: for fuck’s sake
  • ficlet: story with more than 100 but less than 1000 words
  • flounce: Ditching a fandom or exiting out of a story, usually with a haughty bounce to your step and a well timed hair flip.
  • flove: fucking love, i.e. I flove my OT5
  • fourth wall: The imaginary wall between fans and the people/things they are fans of. Slowly being taken down brick by brick, causing quite a bit of controversy.
  • FPF: fictional person fandoms/fiction; fandoms and/or stories about fictional people, such as characters from books, movies, and television shows.
  • FPS: fictional person slash; stories about fictional people in same-sex relationships
  • ftw: for the win
  • fusion: lifting characters from one universe and putting them down in another, i.e. writing a story where Arthur is Thor and Merlin is The Hulk
  • fw: fame whore, someone who will literally do anything for their fifteen minutes
  • gdiaf: go die in a fire
  • gen: no romantic pairing in a fan work
  • glomp: love on someone, offline it would be accomplished by a flying tackle sort of hug
  • gpoy: gratuitous picture of yourself, used for things that could describe yourself, like pictures or sayings
  • gr9: Great is abbreviated as gr8, therefore gr9 is better than gr8.
Whatever Fassy the Shark wants, Fassy the Sharks gets ...

Whatever Fassy the Shark wants, Fassy the Sharks gets …

  • grabby hands: a way of saying “gimme gimme” with your hands
  • gtfo: get the fuck out
  • h9: Hate is abbreviated h8, therefor h9 is worse than h8.
  • handwave: a gesture of dismissal, usually used as a call for suspension of disbelief in fan fiction
  • hashtag, Twitter: any combination of words and numbers (no punctuation) preceded by the #, used to get topics trending on Twitter, also used to track conversations about certain things (i.e. clicking on the #blackhawks tag during a game will show you all the tweets coming in with that hashtag), or to tag your own tweets so people can ignore certain topics (i.e. I tag all my hocket tweets with the #hockey hashtag so people can ignore those specific tweets)
  • head canon: Your accepted version of reality. It may or may not be actual canon, but it may not be widely accepted fanon either. (i.e. It is Heidi’s headcanon that Elijah Wood is actually a hobbit.)
  • headdesk: thunking your head on your desk out of frustration or irritation
  • hearteyes: gazing at someone or something with love in your eyes
  • het: female/male pairing
  • hbu: how ‘bout you
  • I can’t breathe: When you’re so overwhelmed you could hyperventilate
    • What is air: A rhetorical question, stemming from your urge to hyperventilate
  • I can’t even: A way of saying you can’t deal with someone or handle something, alternate versions below.
    • I have lost my ability to can
    • Unable to can
    • I cannot
  • iawtc: I agree with this comment
  • icwydt: I see what you did there
  • icymi: in case you missed it
  • idgaf: I don’t give a fuck. See: Niall Horan
  • idk: I don’t know
    • idek: I don’t even know
    • idfk: I don’t fucking know
  • ikwym: I know what you mean
  • imagines: Dream scenarios, often found on Tumblr. For example: imagine Harry Styles showed up at your middle school with a dozen roses and dropped down on one knee in the middle of your English class and declared his undying love for you while wearing a green beanie and a black Henley.
  • imho: in my honest opinion
  • imo: in my opinion
  • ita: I totally agree
  • iykwim: if you know what I mean
  • JFC: Jesus fucking Christ
  • jk: just kidding
  • js: just saying

K – O

  • kill it with fire: when you hate (meaning love, of course) something so much you want to set it on fire to get it away from you
  • kms: killing my self (this can be expressed in various dramatic phrases, some of which we’ll list here for you)
    • clawing my face off
    • flying into the sun
    • lying down in traffic
    • setting myself on fire
    • throwing myself off cliff
  • knotting: a kink based on the bulbus glandis, an erectile tissue structure on the genitalia of a canid mammal, seen most commonly in stories about werewolves/shapeshifters
  • kudos: Similar to a “like” on Facebook, you can click the heart icon on an AO3 work to leave kudos, letting the creator know that you enjoyed their work.
  • kwim: know what I mean?
  • lbr: let’s be real
  • leave me here to die: When you simply cannot go on because the feels are too much, you kindly request that your comrades go on without you, save themselves, like the martyr you are
  • lemons: the juicy (citrus) bit of a fic, a.k.a. the sex scenes
  • literally: the dictionary definition does not apply because 50% of the time when we say “literally” we’re just using it as hyperbole
  • LJ: LiveJournal is a blogging website that has become one of the hubs of fandom. You can post entries there and people can comment easily, creating trackable discussion threads. LiveJournal has privacy options for posting to filters or certain groups of friends so that not everyone can see what you post. You can create communities on LiveJournal as well, making it one of the preferred places to run challenges or fests. LiveJournal is free to join, but you have to pay for an ad-free account.
  • lmao: laughing my ass off
    • lmbo: laughing my butt off
  • lol: laugh out loud
  • lulz: British way of saying “laughs”, as in “did it to get the lols”
  • manip: manipulation, when someone takes photos and alter them, usually to put two people together that weren’t already together in the originals
  • Mary Sue: a character in a fic that represents the author
  • mcm: man crush Monday
Ridiculously photogenic guy was a popular meme for a while.

Ridiculously photogenic guy was a popular meme for a while.

  • meme: (pronounced meem) an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person through a culture or fandom; graphics or posts that spreads throughout fandom the same way, such as friending memes or the attractive jogger (see above)
  • meta: fandom activity that is self-referential, i.e. using fandom platforms to talk about fanworks generally or fandom itself. Also extends to fan fiction where characters write fan fiction, tweets about tweets, television shows that talk about television shows, etc.
  • mfeo: meant for each other
  • MGMT: management, used most often in reference to Modest! Management, One Direction’s management team. Blamed (usually incorrectly) for 99% of the fandom’s problems.
  • mpreg: male pregnancy
  • mte: my thoughts exactly
  • mwah: a kiss
    • muah: alternate spelling
  • nbd: no big deal
  • nhft: not here for this/that
  • noncon: nonconsent, meaning one or more of the characters involved in a sexual scene is not consenting to the sex
  • np: no problem
    • np: (alternate) now playing
  • obvs: for when you’re too lazy to type the entire word “obviously”
  • OC: original character
    • OFC: original female character
    • OMC: original male character
  • OF: original fiction
  • omg: oh my god
    • omfg: oh my fucking god
  • ONTD: Oh No They Didn’t!, a community on LiveJournal that focuses on celebrity gossip and pop culture. Posts are often highly editorial and heavy on the sarcasm, and the comments tend toward the catty side of discussion.
  • OOC: out of character
  • oomf: one of my followers
  • OT3: one true threesome; refers to the relationship grouping that you believe in the strongest, may be a grouping of any number of people (OT4, OT5, etc.) (One True Foursome, One True Fivesome, etc.) For shipping a grouping instead of a pairing (i.e. One Direction is my OT5.)
  • OTP: one true pairing; refers to the relationship pairing that you believe in the strongest

P – T

  • p2p: pull to publish, in which someone writes a fan fiction, then takes it down, find and replaces the character names and maybe changes a few other details to make it look like an original story, and sells it (see: 50 Shades of Grey)
  • podcast: broadcast + iPod = podcast; shows you can subscribe to/download and listen to on portable media players
  • POV: point of view
  • pre-reader: Someone who reads through your story to check it for plot holes, characterization issues, etc. Not a beta in that they don’t do spelling or grammar checks, but they may point out glaring issues, and make suggestions as well.
  • primer: a post that gives you all the pertinent information on something or someone, usually made to bombard you with feels about someone’s OTP or team or show
  • PWP: plot, what plot?, porn without plot; a fic consisting of all sex, no plot
  • ratchet: describes someone or something that is annoying, stupid, or over the top
  • receipts: proof of something happening. As fandoms get bigger and more accessible a lot of shit gets made the fuck up, so as responsible fans we ask for receipts. This was taken from an interview with Whitney Houston where she asked for the receipts that she smoked crack.
  • Reichenbach Feels: the wave of dread you feel when you think about S2E3 of Sherlock
  • relevant to my interests: when someone posts or talks about something that you definitely want to read, be a part of, etc. because it involves a fandom you are currently involved in (i.e. “I heard Colton Haynes may play Four in the Divergent movie”, “This is relevant to my interests!”)
    • relevant to your interests: alternate version for when you want to alert someone to something they’d be interested in
  • rl: real life, as in not on the internet (even though that shit’s real, whatevs)
  • rofl: rolling on floor laughing
  • rme: rolling my eyes
  • rmr: remember
  • RPF: real person fandoms/fiction; fandoms and/or stories about real people (actors, musicians, etc.) not characters
  • RPS: real person slash; slash written about real people (actors, musicians, etc.) not characters
  • self insert: anything self-referential. When people use fandom platforms to talk about fandom itself, when fan works are about fandom, or when people tweet about their tweets, etc.
That is some epic shade.

That is some epic shade.

  • shade, throwing of: talking shit, usually indirectly
  • ship: Short for relationship, a ship is a pairing/grouping that you can see together in one way or another. The pairing/grouping can be male/female, male/male, female/female, or any other combination of pronouns. It may be romantic, sexual or platonic. For example my bro ship is Dylan O’Brien/Tyler Posey. BROS 4 LYFE.
    • Captain of the ship: The captain of the ship, usually someone connected with the people in the pairing/grouping (i.e. the captain of the SS Sterek [see below for definition] is Colton Haynes)
    • I will go down with this ship: You are Dido. You are Edward Smith. You are not giving up on your ship no matter how much evidence there is that it’s going to sink to the depths of the sea. In which you believe in your pairing/grouping so much that even one of them getting a steady significant other (or some other evidence that your ship isn’t real) isn’t enough to budge you.
    • shipper: a person who ships, i.e. I am a Dylan/Posey shipper (strictly platonic, of course, no make-outs for them in my mind)
    • shipping: the act of pairing/grouping people together, i.e. shipping Dylan/Posey as bros
    • SS _____ : In keeping with the nautical theme for pairings/groupings, a ship can be called the SS Blank. The SS Sterek, for example, is the mighty vessel that all of us who love Derek/Stiles as a pairing are enjoying a cruise on. Having set sail from Port Chemistry, it is drifting through The Sea of Hope, making a journey of unknown length to what we hope is Canon Island.
  • shouty caps: using all capital letters to show that you are yelling in your head
  • slash: male/male pairing
  • smh: scratching/shaking my head
    • smdh: scratching/shaking my damn head
  • smushname: portmanteau, a combination of the names in a pairing/group. First made famous by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, a.k.a. Bennifer. Some common smushnames are Larry Stylinson (Louis Tomlinson + Harry Styles), Sterek (Derek + Stiles), or Merthur (Arthur + Merlin).
  • sock puppet: an account created by someone who wants to remain anonymous without actually posting anonymously, frequently associated with causing straight up drama
  • soz: sorry
  • SPN: Supernatural
  • squee: a noise of glee, like a squeal
  • squick: something (concept, visual, kink, etc.) that you do not want to see or read
  • SRS BSNS: serious business; hey, you only have 140 characters in a tweet, sometimes vowels gotsta go
  • ST: DS9: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the only other ST television series worth mentioning. Hey, it had its moments.
  • ST: Reboot: the new Star Trek movies, starring Chris Pine as a young Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock, sparking the Pinto portmanteau
  • ST: TNG: Star Trek: The Next Generation, featuring Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard *cough*the best captain*cough*
  • ST: TOS: Star Trek: The Original Series, this is the one that. Stars. William. Shattner. The fandom that originated the term “slash.”
  • stan(ning): more than just a fan, a combination of stalker and fan, meaning someone more obsessive than a casual fan (to stan)
  • struggle, the: when you have to decide between important things, i.e. doing real work or reading the 80k fic that just posted; or when you’re having a hard time dealing with fandom related things, i.e. “writing dialogue, lol, nope.”
  • tag, AO3: used to warn for triggers (non-con, self-harm, addiction, etc.), kinks, tropes
  • tag, Tumblr: can be used to sort posts into categories, but most people use them to either flail about the picture they’re posting or tell a story about it (example: picture of Harry Styles, tags could be #harry styles, #why is your face, #get away from me)
  • take a seat: shut up, sit down, go away, etc. Used when someone is talking/doing something and they really shouldn’t be.
    • have a seat: alternate version
  • tbh: to be honest
    • tbqh: to be quite honest
  • tbt: throwback Thursday
  • thirst: desire; i.e. my thirst for Niall Horan is so bad not even a Gatorade would quench it
  • tin hat: believing that your pairing is canon, actually together in real life
  • TJ: Tweet jack, used when you become the “c” in an “a & b” conversation
  • TL: Timeline, onTwitter, where you view the tweets of your followers
  • tl;dr: too long; didn’t read, a response to a rambling blog post, comment, etc., often used in a self-deprecating way
  • tptb: the powers that be, usually people behind a television show
  • troll: someone who posts derogatory, misleading, or totally unnecessary things online for the sole purpose of getting an emotional reaction out of others. See: Steven Moffat, writer for Dr. Who and Sherlock, who has said, “We deliberately lie; we deliberately confuse in order to keep you in the dark about our intentions.” This has sparked memes.
  • trope: commonly occurring themes, characterizations, or lingo. Can be specific to a fandom, often more fanon than canon. Examples are Coffee shop AUs, Harvey as Mike’s dom, Jasper as a history buff, emotionally constipated Derek.
  • TW: Teen Wolf (if anyone even dare suggest this can also be The Wanted … I kid, I kid, it could also mean The Wanted)
    • TW: Trigger Warning (alternate use) used as a tag in AO3, tumblr or hashtag on twitter to warn that the featured fic/post/tweet may have triggering language (i.e. depression).
  • Twitter jail: When you’ve done something to displease the gods of Twitter (i.e. sent out too many tweets in a certain period of time, deleted too many things from favorites) Twitter locks you down so you can’t tweet anything for an hour.
  • TWT: train, what train?; used in the LuRe sector of the As the World Turns fandom to denote the creator ignoring the canonical death of half their pairing
  • TYPERventilate: “…like you are ‘hyperventilating’ with your typing IN ALL CAPS…lol!” Thanks to Melissa Ponzio aka Mama McCall for this addition!

U – Z

  • UNF: the noise you make when you feel like you’ve been punched in the solar plexus, usually caused by looking at extremely hot things, like Tyler Hoechlin’s anything; the “universal noise of fucking”
  • UST: unresolved sexual tension
  • wank: not the positive, life-affirming kind, fandom wank is when people are starting drama just for the sake of starting drama, usually very self-serving
  • wcw: woman crush wednesday
  • whatevs: because saying whatever is just too much
  • white flag: surrendering because you’re drowning in your feels
    • waving white flag: same as above
  • WHY: It may seem silly to put a fairly common question here, but it should be read as a wail of distress instead of an honest question. It is also rhetorical when used this way, because usually no one can actually explain why.
That bitch done snatched her wig.

That bitch done snatched her wig.

  • wig snatching: stealing someone’s claim to fame/popularity, being better than someone else at the thing they’re famous for
  • WIP: work in progress; some authors choose to post stories as they’re being written, or one chapter at a time
  • wtaf: what the actual fuck
  • wtf: what the fuck
  • zomg: a variant on omg, started because people would often (in their haste and excitement) hit the “z” button instead of the “shift” button on their keyboards

Did we miss something? Get something wrong? Let us know in the comments!
Information for these definitions come from multiple sources: our readers/followers, our own knowledge, and a little bit of Wiki thrown in for good measure.

Keysmash OT5

keysmash \ KEE-smash\ verb

1. Randomly hitting your keyboard to express overwhelming emotion, such as anger or excitement.

ot5 \ oh-TEE-fahyv \ noun

1. Favorite combination of five persons in a fandom.

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79 thoughts on “The Language of Love

  1. This is amazing. I’m quite impressed at the thoroughness! And I very much appreciate you adding “TWT,” because I’m will NEVER be over that. Ever. Stupid soap writers killing off my CANON slash OTP.

    The one I had in my head yesterday that I didn’t add was “Reichenbach Feels,” or the wave of dread you feel when you think about S2E3 of Sherlock.

    And my personal favorite KMS – setting myself on fire. Self-immolation, FTW! Oh! There’s another one!

    • Ooooh, good ones! I haven’t gotten to that episode of Sherlock yet. I just finished the first series, and I’m tempted to wait to watch the second one to spread it out a little. When does the third season start?


      Updated! Also, fuzzytomato gave me the proper definition of fusion, so I fixed that.

      • UGH. They haven’t started filming S3, but one of the set designers keeps tweeting pics, so it’s happening in the near future. I think it’s not set to air until early 2014, which is just CRUEL.

        MOFFAT!!! *shakes fist David Tennant style*

        I had NO idea that’s what fusion was! Yay! Even we old dogs can learn new tricks. :D


          • Guest post? Sure. But I am also asking you to *ahem* borrow Benedict Cumberbatch. Just for a little while. I’ll give him back. I just want to touch his hair and talk to him about music for a little while…nakedly. What.

          • DON’T BE SHY ABOUT IT. I, too, wish to talk to him nakedly. Well, personally, I prefer Martin because he’s the angriest kitten I’ve ever seen, and I dig that shit. Tiny men are my weakness. (See: Dean O’Gorman).

  2. Oh! Oh! I thought of another one that is basic internet speak, but I didn’t learn until I was active in fandom. tl;dr = too long; didn’t read = a response to a rambling blog post, comment, etc., often used in a self-deprecating way.

  3. A few more for you: SRS BSNS, wank, crack fic (which I know more than one of you are intimately familiar with!), dash, squick.

  4. And another: my cryes.

    I should probably save these up if any come to mind instead of spamming your comments!

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. More fandom specific abbreviations: SPN, ST:TOS, ST:TNG, ST:DS9, ST:Reboot. (I don’t know why no one ever talks about Voyager or Enterprise…okay, fine, Voyager kind of sucked, but I maintain that Scott Bakula made a killer Captain Archer.)

    Someone make me go back to work…

      • For shame!!! You’re not one of those people who doesn’t know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek are you? Because then we’ll have to have words…and I will strap you down A Clockwork Orange style until you know the difference.

        I didn’t mean for that to sound nearly as threatening as it came out…or did I?

  6. How about FFS for fucks sake. Similar to JFC. Used with massive feels or the opposite whe someone is doing something stupid.
    FW or FW-ing – Famewhore or Fameworing. See Kim Kardashian

    This is great. Btw. I’m loving this blog. xo

  7. Does anyone else besides me still use zomg? fwiw? Maybe angst/fluff/flangst? BAMF (I can *never* remember that one), Britpick, lurker, BNA, plotbunny, HEA? ORLY? Podcast? fangirl? chibi? imho? sock account?

    lulz…too many? Sorrrrrrryyyyy!!!!

    • No, that’s awesome! I will need help with a couple definitions – what’s a BNA? And a chibi? Those are the little drawings, right?

      • BNA…this one maybe is fading a bit from use, and, maybe a bit too tied to fic, but Big Name Author. I think it is still used though? And yeah, those chibi things? idk. you might need to consult the others for a good definition on that one.

        Oh, and glomp, maybe? now i can’t turn off my silly brain!

      • Oh these are fantastic! I can’t believe we didn’t think of these!

        (BNA = Big Name Author, which also means we should probably include BNF = Big Name Fan)

  8. The only two I can think that might not be on there are GDIAF (which is used like ‘such and so needs to go die in a fire’) and IDGAF (the ever appropriate ‘I don’t give a fuck.’) or I’ve seen and typed this one often enough: All the Fucks not given. ;)

    Love this!!! Keep going1!!

    • As someone who is more than a little hobbit-like in appearance and disposition, I would like to inquire about how I can also get placed into Heidi’s official Hobbit headcanon. Is there paperwork to fill out or do I need to work on growing some foothair to ensure automatic inclusion?

  9. I cant think of:

    kwim – Know what I mean?
    icwydt – I see what you did there.

    Also, you could add that UNF stands for “universal noise of fucking” :D

    AMAZING post, I love it! <3

  10. You might consider adding “trigger” and “trigger warning” to this amazing list of amazingness. (I’ve also seen “trigger warning” abbreviated “TW” which was confusing when I thought they were talking about Teen Wolf, until someone explained to me what it was.)

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