The Fandom of Karl Urban: A Primer


If you know me on twitter or are friends with me on facebook or, well, have ever had a conversation with me, you know that I love Karl Urban. If you took my most commonly tweeted phrases, they would be “Kaaaaaaaaaarl” and “I hate everything. Except Karl Urban.” I have instigated conversations with strangers just to talk about Karl Urban.

If fan clubs still existed–you know, the kind you joined out of the back of magazines, the kind Marcia Brady was the president of–that would be me with Karl Urban.

So, as the unofficial, self-proclaimed fan club president, consider this your primer for the glorious and wonderful fandom of Karl Urban.

Karl-Heinz Urban is a talented actor from Wellington, New Zealand. He was born on a wintery June day in 1972. His first acting gig occurred at the tender age of 8, when he had one line on an episode of Pioneer Woman. He attended Wellington College and then spent a year Victoria University of Wellington before going to pursue acting full time. He took a role on Shortland Street where he played paramedic Jamie Forrest, the first openly gay character on the show. (An absolutely wonderful youtube user has posted all of his scenes on youtube. Watch it. It’s 90s-tastic.)

He did other guest roles and then snagged a recurring gig on Xena: Warrior Princess playing Julius Ceasar and Cupid. He had roles in The Irrefutable Truth about Demons and The Price of Milk, both of which earn him nominations for the New Zealand Film and Television Awards. His first Hollywood role was in 2002’s Ghost Ship. It was his role as Éomer in the Lord of the Rings trilogy that was the launching point for his Hollywood career.

Karl Urban is the object of my adoration in part because he has the geekiest CV of all time.

Doing press for Dredd
Doing press for Dredd

He should be crowned the King of Comic Con.

Live long and prosper, Karl.
Live long and prosper, Karl.

(And he seems to thrive in panels – watch all four parts.)

Karl’s roles In the sci-fi/fantasy genre alone:

  • Cupid/Julius Ceasar/Mael in Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Éomer in Lord of the Rings
  • Ghost in Pathfinder
  • Sgt. John “Reaper” Grimm in Doom
  • Vakko in The Chronicles of Riddick
  • Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy in Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness
  • Black Hat in Priest
  • Judge Dredd in Dredd
  • Detective John Kennex in Almost Human

He also had roles in Comanche Moon, The Bourne Supremacy (Karl Urban speaking Russian is my kryptonite, see also: Karl speaking German), and R.E.D., among others.

Based on all the interviews I’ve read and seen with Karl (this press junket for STID where he was paired with Simon Pegg is a good start), he just seems like a down-to-earth, smart, good-natured person.

Of course, I’m also shallow, so another noteworthy aspect of Karl’s appeal is his gorgeousness. His only facial expression is smolder. During Star Trek filming, Karl  – “Dr. Gorgeous” – got a reputation for being incapable of taking a bad picture even when trying to take goofy shots.

Set face to "smolder".
Set face to “smolder”.

And if you aren’t sold on Karl yet. Let me add that he can ROCK a suit. He is 6’1” and broad shoulder and epitomizes tall, dark and handsome, and, well, I’ll just leave these here.

Karl in a suit

Karl in a suit 2

Karl in a suit 3

Still with me? If you like what you see (and are at all interested in the sci-fi genre), I highly recommend you tuning in tonight to Almost Human, Karl’s new show on Fox at 8:00 p.m. EST.


Are you a fan of Karl? Any gushing and/or picspamming is welcome below!

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Heidi Keysmash

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    Oops, I dropped some Karl.

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      Oh dear God. Heidi, I love you so much.

      You forgot to mention his swagger and post those gifs. I want all the Karl goodness in this perfect post of perfection.

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          If anyone can make me keysmash, it’s him.

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    Ridiculous beauty of a man – highly, HIGHLY recommend Almost Human as a good series and for its consistent closeups of Karl anytime he is in the car…yeah. His partner holds up well, too.

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    He’s one fine Kiwi!
    I love all his films. Excellent actor and extremely good looking.