Gone But Not Forgotten

I love television.

I grew up in front of the television.

Before you judge my parents too hard, I also played outside and read books and made up all kinds of silly make-believe things to play along with my sister. (Though, the imaginative credit goes to her. She was older than me so I mostly went along.) And I sort of turned out alright. Ish.



But I still somehow managed to watch a LOT of TV. I used to get up early on Saturday mornings and watch cartoons before anyone else was up. When I was in middle school, my parents finally figured out that bedtimes didn’t apply to me, and I was often the last person up, watching The Tonight Show or sobbing quietly over E.R. (Nope, STILL not over them killing off Dr. Gant.) My Friday night ritual was watching the ABC sitcoms of “T.G.I.F.” My whole family gets obsessed over watching the Olympics or the NCAA tournament, and I still carry that obsession as adult.

What can I say? I grew up with the idiot box.

The return of Arrested Development this coming Sunday and the Veronica Mars movie and this weird Boy Meets World spin-off have got me thinking.

What other short-lived shows would I like to see come back? Of course, I’d like to see a Freaks and Geeks reunion or My So-Called Life, but you all know about those. I’m going back into the annuls of obscurity for these. (No, really, I watched a LOT of TV growing up. My list was way longer, so I eliminated shows that lasted more than two seasons and ruled out game shows entirely. That’s a post for another day.) Continue reading