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Saturdays are known for being a day or night where people go out and have a good time. But I work Sunday mornings, so I spend most of my Saturdays in my house. What most people don’t realize is I’m usually having just as much – if not more – fun as they are going out. I like to read some fic, usually with a snack and a beverage. So I figured, why not share these things with you? I’m sure there are several of you who prefer to spend your Saturdays the same way I do. Hence “Stay in tonight with … ” was born. I’ll be choosing one fic that is at least 10K words long, and a snack and a beverage inspired by that fic.

Today I’m staying in with Under the Table and Dreaming, homemade “toaster” strudel, and orange juice.

This might be my favorite fic in any fandom. When it was first posted, we were all skeptical at first, but one by one we fell in love with it. Twitter was a cacophony of feelings for days. It’s an unlikely pairing at first glance, and you could assume it’s almost like reading original fic, but it’s not. Even if we barely learn anything about the human characters in Toy Story, this is very clearly them.

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Toaster strudel are mentioned a couple of times in the fic, and I love them but I hate how greasy the freezer ones are. So I thought I’d try my hand at making them myself. It’s a pretty simple recipe, and took no time at all. And YUM. Paired with a big glass of OJ, because in the same chapter they talk about toaster strudel, Sid marvels at Andy’s mom serving orange juice from a glass pitcher, and I thought that pairing would make a great breakfast to enjoy before getting back into bed with this fic.

“Maybe you think we don’t talk about you, but he tells me everything,” she says. “He told me you taught him how to change the oil in his car, and you pay his cell phone bill, and you brought him Toaster Strudels in bed when he had the flu.”

“That’s -” Sid says, embarrassed, shaking his head. “I just -”

The fic is in chapters, but it’s more like a series, with each chapter being a part of the series. The first chapter is Andy and Sid as kids, growing up together and trying to figure each other out. It’s my favorite chapter, before all the grown-up, real life hardships hit them. Before you get to Sid’s POV and your heart gets torn out of your chest. There’s angst in the first chapter, but it’s adolescent stuff. Tugs the heartstrings but doesn’t yank the way the later conflict does. And it’s tempered by Sid and Andy falling in love.

“When we were kids you were always the best part of my day,” Sid said. “And I couldn’t figure out why.”

“Figured it out yet?” Andy asked, half-asleep against the mattress.

“Not really,” Sid said, and Andy laughed. He knew that Sid got something different from this than what he gave to Andy. For Sid, Andy represented hope, some sort of better life that lived on the other side of a tall fence. To Andy, Sid was someone he wanted to rescue, tied to the train tracks of a life that was leading nowhere. He had nightmares all the time that he couldn’t get there in time to cut Sid loose.

Sid’s POV will kill you, but not as much as chapter 10. That’s not entirely accurate; chapter 10 will kill you in a different way. The later chapters of the fic are told from the POVs of some minor characters and original characters, and the last chapter is told from Woody’s POV. Even when the story is focusing on OCs, the author does a great job of threading Toy Story themes through. And each chapter, even when not really about Andy and Sid specifically, gives you little glimpses of Andy and Sid’s relationship. Some of their more important milestones are relayed this way. Now, I’m greedy, and would have loved and entire 100K fic about just them, from their POVs, but opening up the world the way the author did is fascinating and so well done.

Greg hears noises from outside and gets up, his legs achy inside his jeans, surely criss-crossed by seam marks. These jeans are too small, he should get new ones, or start wearing track pants like Dillon. The light blinds him momentarily, until the remains of the party come into focus: the playing cards scattered on the table, crumpled napkins and empty tupperware containers resting on top of their overturned lids, coffee mugs with sediment dried inside them. There’s someone in the pool, the patio door open to a searing afternoon. It’s Andy, swimming, wearing red trunks. Greg smiles and starts to walk out onto the patio, stopping when he realizes that Sid is in the pool, too, waiting in the shallow end, his arms stretched out along the ledge. Andy reaches him, breathless from swimming laps, and hugs himself around Sid, gets hoisted up so that he’s sitting on Sid’s hips. Sid hums something, a song Greg doesn’t recognize, and Andy laughs like it’s their inside joke.

Prepare yourself to have feelings for that obnoxious kid from the movies who only wanted to blow shit up. I mean MASSIVE feelings. You’re going to love Andy too, of course, but Sid. Sid FUCKS. ME. UP.

Good thing this recipe is easy to make. Whip up some “toaster” strudel, pour yourself some OJ, and hunker down. <3

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