Stay in tonight with The Dolphin Paradox (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Dirk Gently/Todd Brotzman)

Saturdays are known for being a day or night where people go out and have a good time. But I work Sunday mornings, so I spend most of my Saturdays in my house. What most people don’t realize is I’m usually having just as much – if not more – fun as they are going out. I like to read some fic, usually with a snack and a beverage. So I figured, why not share these things with you? I’m sure there are several of you who prefer to spend your Saturdays the same way I do. Hence “Stay in tonight with … ” was born. I’ll be choosing one fic that is at least 10K words long, and a snack and a beverage inspired by that fic.

Today I’m staying in with The Dolphin Paradox, cheese danish, and a triple soy no-foam (maple pecan) latte.

Okay, so I cheated this week. Have you ever looked at danish recipes? They’re complicated! Like multiple day complicated. Instead of trying and failing and frustrating myself, I just got a danish and a latte from Starbucks. It’s a travel week, which means I actually got my danish and latte from a Starbucks at the Kansas City airport, which is also where I took the header photo. Airport carpet ftw. If you haven’t had the maple pecan latte from Starbucks yet, do it. Very tasty. I can’t say I noticed the difference between no-foam and foam, but I sure felt sillier ordering it!

There is something about Dirk Gently, both the show and the character himself, that makes me ridiculously happy in a lovely, uncomplicated way. This fic brings me similar feelings, though there is enough angst to make the story interesting. Due to the premise, we get to see a different dynamic between Todd and Dirk that is sweet and soft and several things that their relationship on the show doesn’t get a chance to be that often.

Somewhere in all of that he realized he was staring at Todd, not out of the corner of his eye, but quite openly. Framed by the soft blue light that Dirk would now forever associate with aquariums, Todd looked decidedly content. A tad nervous, perhaps, possibly a little excited, but content in a way Dirk wasn’t sure he’d ever seen him. It was somewhat breathtaking.

The story, like the show, is kind of convoluted, and could be hard to follow without the assistance of of headers to keep us on track with the timeline jumps. If only the show had had some of that, heh. The addition of a Blackwing backstory is so interesting, and really ties the story to the show. On top of that, the author NAILS the voices of each and every character. There were several points in the story when I could literally hear the actors saying the dialogue in my head.

The widening of Dirk’s smile suggested he didn’t agree.

“Oh, excellent,” he said, sounding thoroughly pleased. Todd’s heart began doing strange things in his chest. He felt a little lightheaded.

What I love the most – and I’m sure this will shock everyone – is the relationship between Todd and Dirk. Dirk is 100% painfully in love with Todd, just like he (obviously) is in the show. But we actually get to see Todd reciprocating those feelings! It’s gorgeous, the tension and the buildup. I really like that it doesn’t get fully resolved until the mystery is solved, too. Makes it more genuine.

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There’s some good background Amanda/Farah too, which is essential for a good Dirk Gently fic, in my opinion.

Be lazy like me and go get yourself some treats, then tuck back into bed and open up this fic. Uncomplicated happiness is hard to come by nowadays, and you deserve it.

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