Stay in tonight with many times, many ways (Eyewitness, Philip Shea/Lukas Waldenbeck)

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Saturdays are known for being a day or night where people go out and have a good time. But I work Sunday mornings, so I spend most of my Saturdays in my house. What most people don’t realize is I’m usually having just as much – if not more – fun as they are going out. I like to read some fic, usually with a snack and a beverage. So I figured, why not share these things with you? I’m sure there are several of you who prefer to spend your Saturdays the same way I do. Hence “Stay in tonight with … ” was born. I’ll be choosing one fic that is at least 10K words long, and a snack and a beverage inspired by that fic.

Today I’m staying in with many times, many ways, New York pizza, and a Starbucks peppermint mocha.

This is a bit of a cheater week. All I had to do was drive through Starbucks and order NYPD. No cooking required! But both items fit the fic perfectly, so I couldn’t help myself.

OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD this fic is exactly what I needed to read right before the finale of this season (and possibly this show). Barely a hint of angst. So much fluff. Beautiful, sweet, heart-achingly lovely fluff.

It’s hard to write teenagers, especially teenage boys, realistically, without veering into too-stilted dialogue and irritating dopiness. This author NAILS both Philip and Lukas’s voices, in fact their Lukas is so good I could hear James Paxton’s voice in my head.

Lukas was silent for a split second and Philip realized that he genuinely did not realize that Philip was talking about him. He burst into laughter, unable to believe how gullible Lukas could be.

“Shut up,” Lukas said irritably. “It just took me a second. Shut up! Oh my God, I hate you.”

This is Christmas fic, and it’s the best of everything I ever want out of Christmas fic. A cabin, sharing body heat, cheesy celebration. It’s glorious.

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Most of the fic is – as I mentioned – darling, sweet fluff, but the actual bad stuff from the show isn’t completely ignored. Both Philip and Lukas regularly acknowledge the unhealthy beginning of their relationship and how they’re both worked to better it. I can only hope that some of the discussions the boys have in this fic happen in the show.

“I just wanted to make sure that you had something nice for Christmas, ’cause this year was sorta shitty for you and I know I’ve been kind of a dick to you, so…I wanted to make it up to you. Somehow.”

“Lukas,” Philip said again, unable to say anything other than his name, apparently.

Their connection is amazing, and kept a near-constant smile on my face while reading. If we get a season two – prayer circle anyone? – can it just be this fic?

“Oh, you have no idea what you’re in store for,” Lukas said, looking both ways before crossing the street, swinging their joined hands between them. “I’m gonna be the most insufferable boyfriend ever. You’re gonna get sick of me, I swear. Leaving calc? I’ll be there to walk you to your next class. Forget something in your locker? Guess what? I’m already there, waiting for you, skipping my own class.”

“You’re being ridiculous,” Philip said, laughing helplessly. Lukas continued, ignoring Philip’s embarrassed tone.

*happy sigh*

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