Stay in tonight with Fire Season (Baseball RPF, Buster Posey/Tim Lincecum)

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Saturdays are known for being a day or night where people go out and have a good time. But I work Sunday mornings, so I spend most of my Saturdays in my house. What most people don’t realize is I’m usually having just as much – if not more – fun as they are going out. I like to read some fic, usually with a snack and a beverage. So I figured, why not share these things with you? I’m sure there are several of you who prefer to spend your Saturdays the same way I do. Hence “Stay in tonight with … ” was born. I’ll be choosing one fic that is at least 10K words long, and a snack and a beverage inspired by that fic.

Today I’m staying in with the Fire Season series, Filipino pork empanadas, and a Flesh & Blood IPA.

Alright, the beverage is a bit of a cop-out. But they do drink beer in the fic, fairly frequently even. It’s the only beer I had on hand when I made the empanadas, and trust me, it’s super tasty. The empanadas are straight out of the fic though, and they were also super tasty. A bit more labor-intensive than I expected, but I think that’s mostly because I didn’t roll out the dough and cut it the way I should have. If the circles would have been bigger they would have been easier to seal. Honestly, I could have eaten the filling with a spoon (I actually may have done that while finishing the empanadas) because it was so freaking good.

The Fire Season series isn’t technically complete, but a good portion of it is a full story arc. There are some time jumping teases, and one part is a collection of ficlets that sophiahelix posts on her tumblr. The big chunk (where I pull my recipe from) is part 5, and with only a little backstory it could almost stand alone. Read the whole series, though, because the backstory is awesome and porny.

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The voices are so good in this. Sports RPF – any RPF actually – is subjective, because no one really knows these people beyond their public personas, but sophiahelix’s Buster and Tim are my Buster and Tim. She writes them like they’re real people, not caricatures of themselves. They’re complex; they’re worried about baseball (god, reading sports RPF written by someone who really knows the sport is such a joy), they’re not always good. It’s refreshing, and it makes the angst in this series so much more wrenching.

And there is definitely loads of angst. No glossing over the wife and the concerns about being gay or bi in pro sports, or of hooking up – maybe more – with your teammate.

It’s agonizing, talking about this, all the hidden stuff he pushed to the back of his mind every at-bat, every aching rehab session, every time he called Tim on the road and reached deep inside himself for the filthy stuff that would get Tim off. Buster wants so much for everything to just keep going like it has been, it’s tough spreading himself so thin but he can hack it, that’s how he’s built, but Kristen couldn’t live that way anymore and he guesses Tim couldn’t either.

Beyond great baseball talk and gorgeous angst, the relationship between Buster and Time is hot as hell. Their chemistry jumps off immediately. The sexual tension is delicious, though you definitely don’t have to wait long for a payoff. Sex is one thing they’re almost always good at, even as they’re figuring everything else out.

My favorite part of the whole series is the part I mentioned earlier, the part my recipe comes from, comes a rainstorm (Part 5, 46K). It’s a bit of an interlude (though a long one) wherein Buster visits Tim at his offseason “party pad” in Hawaii. It’s the bit where they get their shit together, as much as two emotionally constipated dudes can at least. It’s atmospheric and sexy, and has some seriously sweet bits as well. Savor this part as you’re reading through the series.

Inside the house, they don’t turn on the lights. They kiss their way through the house instead, until they’re in the bedroom, pulling clothes off each other slow and deliberate, until they’re naked on the bed, Buster resting above Tim, hands twined together and Tim’s arms over his head. He moves inside Tim, sweet and steady, for as long as either of them can stand it, darkness thick and warm around them. When they’ve finished, when Tim’s belly is slick and they’re both breathing hard, ears ringing, Buster rolls to his side and just presses his face against Tim’s throat, lips moving over his skin. The unsaid things are still there, making his heart beat fast. He knows Tim can hear them in the sudden roaring silence, but all he can do is breathe Tim in, tasting him, hands tracing the lean lines of his body, and let it be enough for now.

Maybe you can make the empanadas while you read the first four parts, then enjoy them with your beer while you lounge about and read the fifth part. What you do with yourself for parts 6-14 is entirely up to you. 😉

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