Spread the Love V: Fiiiiive Years of Love

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Check out the wishlists below. You can grant as many wishes as you’d like. Send us an email with the list number(s), and the number(s) of the wish(es) you’d like to fulfill. If you need more information from the wisher (usernames or mailing address) we’ll collect that for you at that time. If you plan on shipping things take note of the country attached to each list!

Gifts should be received between December 1st and December 31st. HAPPY GIFTING!


  1. Anything HP
  2. Donations to Honor Flight (any branch)
  3. Cards/Postcards/Snail Mail (That’s not bills)
  4. Fic recommendations (I’ll try anything so send me your favorites)


  1. Bennguin fic (I’m up for antlything smutty non-smutty whatevs)
  2. Dallas Stars 2018 Calendar
  3. Anything Dallas Stars (Seguin is my fave) it’s so hard to find anything in Canada
  4. Dallas Stars toque
  5. Jamie Benn Shirsey size 2 or 3xl
  6. Christmas cards
  7. postcards where you are from
  8. anything hand made (fave color is purple)
  9. something you can only get in your town/country
  10. Captive Prince books
  11. The Foxhole Court trilogy
  12. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell paperback with fan art cover
  13. Christmas Ornaments
  14. playlist of your fave songs
  15. earrings (non dangly)
  16. fave lipgloss/lipstick


  1. Holiday card / letter
  2. Something from where you live (picture, postcard, etc. I want to see what you see in your city/town)
  3. Fandom pins or patches (Fandoms: Wonder Woman, Breakfast Club, The Hating Game, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Twilight, Sherlock, Stranger Things)
  4. Shop small! Tell me about a gift you purchased from a small business where you live.
  5. Share the love… send me your favorite fic from any fandom listed in item 3! I’m always looking for new fics 🙂


  1. Holiday Cards!
  2. Cat toys! (I’m up to 4! Crazy Cat Lady mode achieved.)
  3. Donations to Child’s Play, Cancer or MS research, Shelter Box, SPCA or local animal shelter
  4. Movie recommendations! (I love movies! Tell me what to watch!)
  5. Playlists. (I need new music.)
  6. Fandom recommendations? (Teen Wolf is over. Where shall I sail my ships?)
  7. Tea! (Loose leaf or bagged. It’s all good.)


  1. American Lung Association Fight for Air Stair Climb – I’m doing this for the second time on March 18th. 47 Floors, 1034 steps. I survived it last year and I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE for someone to join my team and do it with me (Team Rejected Superheroes – don’t worry, you don’t have to dress up, but some teams did and that was awesome). If you can’t climb, I have to raise $100 for the ALA to participate, but I’d like to raise more, so donations are always welcome: http://action.lung.org/goto/annieschumacher
  2. I love mail of any type except spam and bills, so cards/postcards/random musings on the back of polaroids, did you know you can send plastic easter eggs in the mail?
  3. Always love getting yarn.
  4. I’m going to Las Vegas for the first time in January – ideas for cheap and fun things to do would be nice. I’ll be there the 1-5th.
  5. Sewing lessons. I took some and made a skirt and then haven’t really touched my sewing machine since, but I’d like to.
  6. If you could get the Predators to stop trading away my Admirals players, that would be AMAZING.
  7. Michael Latta.
  8. A Winter Soldier Itty Bitty from Hallmark. I somehow missed he was an online exclusive so didn’t get one, but I want to crochet a wreath that would need that and my Cap one. But don’t spend what they are on ebay for it, cause that’s nuts.


  1. Wahl Skinny Curler (hair curler)
  2. Nordic Ware Baking Pan – Autumn, Christmas, Shortbread
  3. Puffin in Bloom Collection
  4. Chocolate, Candy, Tea
  5. Holiday Cards, Stickers
  6. Lip Balm
  7. Socks


  1. Christmas Cards – I love receiving mail that aren’t bills so a few surprise Christmas cards would be lovely.
  2. Something handmade/crafted
  3. Candy – Something specific to your country/state.
  4. Anything, anything at all. surprises are amazing at any time of the year.


  1. Holiday Cards
  2. Fanworks – gallavich, sterek, malec
  3. Fandom gifts – gallavich, shadowhunters, star trek
  4. Gift Cards – Torrid, Payless, Burlington, Wal-Mart, Amazon
  5. Funko Pops
  6. Graphic Tees – Unisex 1X women’s 3X
  7. Sneakers Sz 8W
  8. Boots Sz 8W
  9. Donations towards Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico
  10. Costume jewelry


  1. Holiday cards
  2. Postcards from the place you live, or a great place you’ve visited this year
  3. Fun socks
  4. Fine point pens in awesome colors
  5. Stickers for my planner – both functional and decorative
  6. New music
  7. Something homemade
  8. Fic recs – any pairing (I might not read it if it’s a pairing I hate, but I’ll appreciate the rec anyway!)
  9. Donations of time, money, or goods to a worthy charitable organization (the world really sucks right now, so make someone’s day a little brighter)


  1. Anything Hufflepuff! My house is SO very underrated. Homemade things are The Best!
  2. A Post Secret like card or post card. It doesn’t have to be a crazy/serious secret though! I’d love to hear about the gift that you’re so excited to give this year. Or what you REALLY want, but probably won’t ask for. Or how many desserts you snuck into the kitchen to eat.


  1. Fan Art from any of the following fandoms: Hockey Fandom (Dallas Stars or Maple Leafs (rookies!), One Direction, Hamilton, bandom, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter.
  2. Magnets from countries and cities around the world – anywhere! I collect them!
  3. Anything at all from the above fandoms!
  4. Christmas tree ornaments
  5. FIC- hockey rpf- anything involving Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews being super in love. Also, Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin, Sid/Geno, Michael Latta/Tom Wilson or Connor McDavid/Dylan Strome. My favorite tropes are: soulmate AUs, amnesia fic, vampires, a/b/o, accidental dating and/or accidental marriage
  6. Homemade mittens!
  7. Some cool fandom related crossstitch
  8. Anything chocolate
  9. Scarves
  10. Any sort of online gift card
  11. Handwritten letters of any kind/ handwritten lyrics/ quotes!!
  12. Christmas cards


  1. Tea from all over the world, especially mint or black
  2. Your favorite local candies
  3. Holiday Cards of all denominations
  4. Fancy holiday pics of you and your pets
  5. Register to vote and let me know about it!
  6. hockey themed anything (I’m a Penguins, Stars, Leafs gal)
  7. candles
  8. your favorite holiday dessert recipe
  9. Donate time/money/clothes/whatever you can to your local women’s shelter, animal shelter, VA, or RandomActs.org. You don’t have to do it in my name, but I’d love to get a holiday card letting me know about your experiences.
  10. Perform a random act of kindness for someone. Bake cookies for your neighbor, buy that mom in line behind you her coffee for the morning, help your coworker organize his crazy-messy work space. It doesn’t have to cost anything but time and you don’t have to do it in my name, but I’d love to get a holiday card letting me know about your experiences.


  1. Cards! Holiday, generic, or post-! I love snail mail in all its forms. If you’re sending holiday cards, I celebrate Hanukkah and a very secular Christmas, but all mail is welcome. If you’re up to it, tell me about something that makes you happy.
  2. Recipes, sweet or savory. I’m vegetarian, but other than that, no restrictions. Tell me what you love to cook.
  3. Fun socks. Bright colors, ridiculous patterns, or exciting textures are all welcome.
  4. Fluffy (or anything with a happy ending) hockey fic! I’m less vocal about my support for teams now but I still love this sport and fandom. Convince me to support your team via fic recs! Extra bonus points for goalie love.
  5. I swore I was done with Thor and Loki feels, and then I saw Thor: Ragnarok and now I just want to roll around in all the fandom created deliciousness. Feel like writing? I’d love fic. Read something great? I’d love recs too.
  6. Not into fic writing, but wanna flail about things? New Twitter friends would be very welcome! I’m locked because of work stuff, but I’d love to chat about Thor and Hockey and theatre and possibly BTS if this little toe-dip I’m taking into fandom grabs me.
  7. Lip balm! Lip stuff in general, from chapstick to lipstick, and everything in between. I’m forever in search of my new favorite lip products.


  1. Cards, holiday/Christmas/post anything is good for me
  2. Anything Chicago Blackhawks, or Dallas Stars
  3. Favorite cookie recipe
  4. Favorite Christmas dinner side dish recipe
  5. Homemade anything
  6. Fun pens and notebooks
  7. POPS! Any Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter and Hockey, I love and collect them all.
  8. I just moved into an office so cute things for my desk
  9. Your favorite playlists, I am always looking for new music


  1. holiday/Christmas cards
  2. post-its
  3. international candy
  4. socks (the weirder the better)
  5. something from your hometown!
  6. donations (if possible) to your local food bank to help those in need this holiday season.
  7. donations (if possible) to your local women’s and children center to help those displaced this season


  1. Donate to a local school in your area. (Pencils/pens/box tops). Schools are always grateful for any extra supplies.
  2. Donate a toy to a local charity. Schools, churches, youth centers and charities tend to collect toys to give to kiddos in your area.
  3. Go to Dosomething.org and find something you can do in your area. I know sometimes things feel hopeless but if we start by helping/being kind to the people around us we can be the change we want to see. I BELIEVE IN US
  4. Cards
  5. Marshmallow jelly stamper
  6. To commit to using resist bot to contact your local reps about think that are important to you on a regular basis.
  7. White thread.


  1. Holiday cards


  1. Holiday Cards
  2. Any book recommendations
  3. Any fic recommendations (Sterek, Drarry)
  4. Any motivational sayings you like.  I’m trying to stay motivated on my weight loss journey.
  5. Anything small from my favorite fandoms.  (Supernatural, Teen Wolf or Harry Potter)


  1. winter cards! (i know some people celebrate different holidays, so we’ll settle for winter cards!)
  2. i like getting handwritten notes? and things that you love that you want to share? pictures, notes, things from where you live!
  3. AMERICAN CANDY. my biggest weakness.
  4. donations to any animal charities, or alternatively to ANY save the bees foundation
  5. so if you’re thinking FANDOM (obviously) i love love love fics and fanart and icons etc. i’m currently down with steve/tony, erik/charles (new alternative timeline only pls no divorce), aaron/robert (emmerdale), or magnus/alec. i’ve also been into bilbo/thorin, rodney/john, merlin/arthur… i am surprisingly easy to find something to please!
  6. always on the look out for songs! if you love making playlists and sharing them, i am down with that!
  7. postcards postcards postcards. i collect them and always need to add to my collection!
  8. books or book recs? honestly i am down for anything new to read and enjoy
  9. handmade things! cards! sewings! crochets! whatever you love to make!
  10. fandom shirts! i’m a size medium (10 us/14 uk). i love star wars, pokemon, avengers, and hockey (ducks, lightning and jets)
  11. pictures, photos, fanart, things i can hang on my walls.


  1. Anything coffee.  I love coffee. So much.  It keeps me sane.
  2. Cards/postcards/notes!  Any holiday that you celebrate is amazing! <3
  3. Sterek. In general.  Sterek.
  4. Narry.  Also in general.  Together, separate, as a group.  I dun caaaare!
  5. A headband
  6. Any book that you think I should try out. I need new reading material like woah.


  1. Supernatural (The TV Show) Anything!
  2. Donation to Mental Health Org Attitudes In Reverse
  3. Magnets/Fandom Pins of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Star Trek, Supernatural
  4. Holiday/Christmas Cards/Motivational Cards
  5. Graphic Tees of the fandoms already mentioned above 2XL
  6. DVDs Beauty & The Beast (Live action and/or Animated) The Lion King
  7. Anything, bought handmade or a Surprise is greatly appreciated


  1. Christmas/holiday cards
  2. Warm socks!
  3. Donation to your local food shelf


  1. Enamel pins (1D, Larry, Wonder Woman, Feminism, Animals, Books, Tea, Coffee)
  2. Brooches
  3. Beaded Necklaces
  4. Fun Socks
  5. Herbal Tea