Spread the Love: A Holiday Exchange (Part V: Fiiiiive Years of Love)

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FIVE. YEARS. We’ve been running this holiday exchange for FIVE YEARS! We can hardly believe it.

Look. The world is going straight down the shitter. This is an indisputable fact. One of the ways we can help combat this is by doing nice things for other people. That’s what this exchange is all about. But we also want people to do nice things for YOU. That’s why it’s an exchange! So do the damn thing, eh?  Read on for information on how to participate.

Step one: Make a wish list. Your wishes can be fandom specific or non-fandom, big or small. (See lists from previous years for inspiration!) We were going to limit the wishes, but then we realized we have about 37 fics we want someone to write for us, so other people might also. So the only guideline is to be reasonable. It’s highly unlikely that lots of people will buy things, but it’s highly likely that lots of people will make things – fanworks or otherwise. Small wishes will probably get granted more often than big ones.

Step two: Send your list to us via email – spreadthelove@keysmashblog.com. We will be posting the wish lists anonymously, but we’re going to need your contact information to keep everything straight. We’ll need your name, country you live in (in case people can’t afford to ship internationally), and email address at the very least. If you’re asking for anything that requires your mailing address (holiday cards are the most popular wish list items for a reason!), please include that in your email as well. If we need any other information for a wish someone wants to grant we’ll let you know.

Step three: On November 23rd we’ll unveil the lists. Come back and peruse them and grant some wishes.

You don’t have to submit a list in order to grant a wish. You don’t have to grant a wish in order to submit a list. You can grant as many wishes as you’d like, for as many people as you’d like. The main point of this is to do what the banner says – spread the love.

We know that there are many holidays celebrated this time of year, and that some people don’t celebrate any holidays at all. If you want your wishes to be holiday specific, or non-holiday, please make that clear on your list.

Send us your wishlists! And please spread the word as well as the love. Share buttons are at the top and bottom of this post.

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  • Sorry to bother, but when are the Spread the Love wishlists going up?