Spread the Love: A Holiday Exchange (Part IV: A New Love)

Check out the wishlists below. You can grant as many wishes as you’d like. Send us an email (spreadthelove@keysmashblog.com) with the list number(s), and the number(s) of the wish(es) you’d like to fulfill. If you need more information from the wisher (usernames or mailing address) we’ll collect that for you at that time. If you plan on shipping things take note of the country attached to each list!

NOTE: Gifts should be received between December 1st and December 31st. HAPPY GIFTING!


  1. Fun postcards
  2. Recipes for healthy foods that don’t include veggies.
  3. Ravelry gift cards or crochet patterns for cute hats/gloves/toys/anything
  4. Workout mix cds
  5. Motivation to train for the Fight for Air stair climb
  6. Donations to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee
  7. Yarn! Pretty yarns. Soft yarns.
  8. PK Subban and Kevin Fiala.
  9. Anything Captain America. And if fic, not Cap/Tony
  10. Funko Pops! If you need to know which ones I have, I can provide a link to my list. I don’t care about the state of the box.


  1. Holiday cards!
  2.  Cat toys
  3.  Donations to my friend’s GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/27qbbkk
  4.  A postcard from where you live
  5.  Fic: Teen Wolf (Sterek, Steter, Poly!Pack, Chris/Peter/Stiles, Any/Stiles), Marvel Cinematic Universe (Steve/Tony, Bruce/Tony), Hannibal (Hannibal/Will)


  1. Cards! (no preference of what kind, but i absolutely love getting non-bill mail)
  2.  Audiobook/book recommendations! (I work out of my car and need something good to listen to! I typically listen to/read gay romance, but am open to trying anything good)
  3.  Words of encouragement (This year has been beyond stressful and overwhelming for me and my family. Any words of encouragement/inspiration that i can print out or look back on are more than welcome.)
  4.  Something from where you are from (a postcard, a treat, you decide!)
  5.  Donate to your local Honor Flight


  1. Fanart for one of my fics. I write lots of fluffy (Supernatural) Destiel and would love someone to illustrate something that I’ve written. Ask for my AO3 name!
  2.  Marvel or Star Wars office art. I’m a Captain America/Bucky Barnes, Han Solo, Darth Vader type of girl.
  3.  I love to read! Send me your favorite book, used, new, I don’t care. I’ll read pretty much anything.
  4.  Holiday cards! I love getting snail mail, and am a big fan of cheesy holiday cards, all denominations welcome.
  5.  Donate time/money/clothes/whatever you can to your local women’s shelter, animal shelter, VA, or RandomActs.org. You don’t have to do it in my name, but I’d love to get a holiday card letting me know about your experiences.
  6.  I am studying the Russian language and would love anything that has to do with Russian culture, including books, art, film or music.
  7.  I collect Pop Funko dolls and am dying for one of the new hockey themed Pops, any of them except Patrick Kane because NO. If you can’t find the hockey ones, I also am in need of the TARDIS (Doctor Who), Agent Carter (Marvel), BB-8 (Star Wars), and Dean Winchester (Supernatural) toys!
  8.  Perform a random act of kindness for someone. Bake cookies for your neighbor, buy that mom in line behind you her coffee for the morning, help your coworker organize his crazy-messy work space. It doesn’t have to cost anything but time and you don’t have to do it in my name, but I’d love to get a holiday card letting me know about your experiences.
  9.  I need more fandom shirts. REALLY! I wear a size 2x unisex and am into the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Dallas Stars (hockey teams), Marvel, Star Wars, and Supernatural.
  10.  Tea and/Chocolate are always a win in my book.


  1. Christmas Cards
  2.  Something handmade/Homemade
  3.  Candy
  4.  Anything, anything at all. I love surprises. I love One Direction, Home Free, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Nail art, all forms of crafting (bar crochet)


  1. Fandom trinkets – 1D, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Chuck The Mortal Instruments (handmade is AMAZING!)
  2. Cute notebooks
  3. Top 5 book recs
  4. Christmas Cards – Funny, but SFW because… kids
  5. Sweets/Chocolate
  6. Favourite line from unpublished fic/OF
  7. Donation to SSAFA (https://www.ssafa.org.uk/give) or a local veteran’s charity
  8. Jensen Ackles or Zac Levi or Louis Tomlinson (pretty picture will have to do if necessary)


  1. Winter Soldier itty bitty
  2. Captain America itty bitty
  3. Captain America Pop figure
  4. Bucky/ Winter Solider fan art
  5. Stucky fan art
  6. Cell phone case for an iPhone 6
  7. Stucky fic
  8. Christmas cards
  9. Christmas ornaments
  10. Postcards
  11. Your favorite book
  12. Anything Little Mermaid


  1. Socks – preferably ankle socks but will take any!
  2. Coloring books
  3. One Direction homemade items (Harry focused)
  4. Cross Stitch patterns, or cross stitched art
  5. Postcards
  6. Holiday Cards (any)
  7. Feminist apparel or paraphernalia in general
  8. Tattoo design for “Have courage and be kind”
  9. Tattoo design for “Make a wish, take a chance, make a change.”
  10. Anything unicorn
  11. Gold office supplies
  12. A mixtape
  13. Donation to planned parenthood, ACLU, boys and girls clubs of america, NARAL, NAACP, She should run, or any other charity on this list: http://jezebel.com/a-list-of-pro-women-pro-immigrant-pro-earth-anti-big-1788752078 (does not need to be in my name..)
  14. Donation to your local food pantry
  15. Tea
  16. Mugs
  17. Holiday cookie recipes


  1. Holiday Cards
  2.  Donation to ACLU
  3.  Book recs – your 3-5 faves, old or new
  4.  Music recs – old or new
  5.  Socks
  6.  A pledge that you’ll call your representative(s) at least 2x in the coming year (if in the US)
  7.  Candy


  1. Donations to the Patient Assistance Fund. The Radiation Oncology Patient Assistance Fund provides a safety net for financially disadvantaged cancer patients being treated at the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. This fund helps patients afford the many related and often unanticipated expenses related to their radiation treatment. Having dealt with cancer in my family, I know the little things can slip through the cracks when focusing on the larger task at hand. With the uncertain future these patients already have coupled with the uncertain political climate I would like to take any bit of the burden off that I can. I know personally how dedicated these doctors are to their cause and how grateful they are for any help they receive. **Note** For tracking purposes, if you could provide my name (ask a keysmasher!) in the “in honor of” box, I will be notified and will then be able to personally thank you. You will receive a receipt of your donation and your donation is tax deductible.


  1. Postcards or Christmas cards!
  2. literally ANYTHING Draco/Harry
  3. Candles – especially book-related and/or Holiday scented (captive prince, six of crows, the raven cycle, harry potter)
  5. Fanart (harry/draco, check please, any of the above books)
  6. Magnets – fandom related or from fun places or anything you like
  7. Recipes – deserts, easy meals for 1, crockpot recipes
  8. Cozy cute socks
  9. anything handmade!
  10. Christmas tree ornaments – bonus if they’re fandom related


  1. Cards! Holiday, generic, or post-! I love snail mail in all its forms. If you’re sending holiday cards, I celebrate Hanukkah and a very secular Christmas, but all mail is welcome. If you’re up to it, tell me about something that makes you happy.
  2. Recipes, sweet or savory. I’m vegetarian, but other than that, no restrictions. Tell me what you love to cook.
  3. Fun socks. Bright colors, ridiculous patterns, or exciting textures are all welcome.
  4. Porny bits: rec me your favorite filthy fic or write that super kinky scene you’ve been thinking about
  5. Fluffy (or anything with a happy ending) hockey fic! I’m newish to the sport and the fandom, so sell me on your pairing of choice via fic. Extra bonus points for goalie love.
  6. Lip balm! Lip stuff in general, from chapstick to lipstick, and everything in between. I’m forever in search of my new favorite lip products.


  1. Cute printed fabric – one yard or 1.5 yards please and thank you
  2.  Anything koala related
  3.  Enamel pins – I’m starting a collection and love wearing them on my outfits
  4.  Chapstick – I’m obsessed
  5. Anything Hamilton related – fan art or not, I’m all for it
  6. Anything 1D – I’m a Louis girl (with side adoration for Harry) and a Larrie. I’ll take fic. I’ll take art. I’ll take anything. Hedgehogs and frogs count. H/L famous/not famous or athlete fic
  7. Silly socks
  8.  Hair accessories – bandanas, scarves, bows
  9.  Cards/postcards/notes


  1. Holiday cards
  2. Fic or fanart: Scott/Lydia (Teen Wolf), Jasper/Monty (The 100), Rick/Michonne (The Walking Dead)
  3. Easy to follow gif making tutorials, or private gif making lessons
  4. Colored pencils or extra fine tip markers for coloring books
  5. Donations to Planned Parenthood or other organization of your choosing
  6. Playlists (songs to run to, winter vibes, or choose a theme!)
  7. Chunky funky earrings
  8. Recipes – preferably low calorie and budget conscious
  9. Do something kind for yourself and tell me about it


  1. Holiday Cards
  2. Postcards/pictures from your hometown
  3. Music! Spotify playlists, mixtape cds, anything, I just really want some new music
  4. Harry Potter stuffs!
  5. Twitter/Snapchat friends


  1. Holiday cards
  2. A copy of your fave e-book
  3. Playlists/mixtapes
  4. Fun stickers
  5. Make a donation to the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, or your state’s innocence project
  6. Fun earrings (mostly silver but I’m open to anything)


  1. Cards/post cards: I want to see your handwriting, your hometown, your doodles and possibly your awkward family photos.
  2.  Socks: I like hockey, cats and women. Toe socks are welcomed.
  3.  Handmade goodies: I don’t craft very well but I know some of you do and I respect that. I respect your cookies. I respect your crochet hats. I respected your friendship bracelets.
  4.  Fic/Art– Everyone lots these kind of gifts, right?!?!
        4a. Check Please, Bitty/Jack: AU where Bitty is a ref/linesman and Jack is still Jack.
        4b. Hockey RPF, Sidney/Geno: I just really love Sid.
        4c. Hockey RPF, Phil Kessel/Carl Haglin: Did you know that Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion?
        4d. Hockey RFP, McDavid/Stromer: #ottersforlife
  5.  Enamel pins for my overalls and jean jacket.


  1. Holiday Cards
  2. Magnets
  3. Book Recommendations or Fic Recommendations—-Getting my Masters and need a break distraction.
  4. Movie Recommendations
  5. Donations to your local food bank or LGBT Organization. This year I’ve done work in both these areas and I found it amazing.
  6. Anything Supernatural.  I just got into the show and binged watched it all to be caught up with this season.  Sam is my boy.


  1. In year’s past I’ve asked for people to donate a toy but this year I wanted to do something different. It’s for a friend. Her kid’s school is in need of funds to help 300 (!!!) of their students have a Christmas.They are taking cash donations and the funds would be used to buy things for kids. If you’re able to help them out that would be amazing. The school is take checks made out to Mountain View Elementary And the Memo needs to read “Holiday Gifts” so it goes to the right account. They are a non profit school. The funds buy things like toys but also shoes, and clothing to help meet basic needs as well.
  2.  Donate to a local shelter. It can be goods or time. Whatever works for you.
  3.  Send a card to 3 people letting them know what they mean to you.
  4.  Cards/notes.


  1. Postcards.  (I’m re-furnishing multiple pieces of furniture with them so post cards from anywhere or about anything are helpful. Even fandom ones!)
  2.  Amazon.com gift cards. (I need to buy my service dog a bed to lay in during his long days at work so any tiny denomination helps!)
  3.  A donation to any cancer charity made in the name of Sister Bonnie. (My aunt was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. Yes, the Sister is accurate, she’s a nun.)


  1. Nygmobblepot FanFic (written or drawn)
  2. Amazon (Canada) Gift Card
  3. The Ruby Red Trilogy Boxed Set – by Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell
  4. Cat Treats or Rabbit Treats
  5. Chocolate, Candy, Tea
  6. Holiday Cards, Stickers
  7. Lip Balm
  8. Socks


  1. Cards, holiday/Christmas/post anything is good for me
  2. Anything Chicago Blackhawks
  3. Favorite cookie recipe
  4. Favorite Christmas dinner side dish recipe
  5. Homemade anything
  6. Fun pens and notebooks
  7. POPS! Any Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter I love and collect them all. The Canadian exclusives for Sidney Crosby, or Jonathan Toews


  1. winter cards! (i know some people celebrate different holidays, so we’ll settle for winter cards!)
  2.  i like getting handwritten notes? and things that you love that you want to share? pictures, notes, things from where you live!
  3.  handmade things! cards! sewings! crochets! whatever you love to make!
  4.  nail polish!
  5.  i’m into robron at the moment (aaron/robert from emmerdale) and would LOVE some gifts related to that if possible (fic, art, icons, gifs, whatEVER)
  6.  i also love alec/magnus from the shadowhunters tv series (specifically the series and not the books) and would love icons or fic or anything even if it’s just I LOVE THEM TOO!
  7.  songs! if you love making playlists and sharing them, i am down with that!
  8.  jewellery. i am a huge jewellery fan :>
  9.  a dog 🙁
  10.  american candy
  11.  pictures, photos, fanart, things i can hang on my walls.


  • Nutterbutters
  • Postcards
  • anything small cute and cheap
  • Montreal Canadiens fan art
  • playlist to write to
  • cute notebooks and/or pens
  • cavity inducing cute fluffy domestic Zimbits (OMG Check Please) fic
  • all the shiny, glittery, sparkling, happy christmas crap
  • stuff with foxes on it


  • Fandoms Anything from: Star Trek, Supernatural, Wonder Woman, Disney
  • Funko Pop. Captain Marvel, Power Rangers, Charlie & Bobby [Supernatural] Sam & Dean [Supernatural] Dorbz
  • Handmade Anything
  • Cute stationary or journals or fun stationary cards
  • Magnets:Superheroes or superhero logos
  • Beauty & the Beast anything
  • Christmas card cheer.
  • Gift Card: Barnes & Noble Hot Topic
  • Anything is greatly appreciated


  1. Mix tapes! (Via 8tracks, Spotify, or a physical CD). I like all kinds of music and love hearing new and/or local artists.
  2. Donate to the Animal Legal Defense Fund (aldf.org) and/or Lilo’s Promise Animal Rescue (lilospromise.com).
  3. Pins! Feminist, social justice, bands, snark, The Simpsons – I love them all.
  4. Donate to Planned Parenthood.
  5. Anything with owls or pineapples. Or both!
  6. Any local coffee, chocolate, or hot sauce! Even if it isn’t local, if its a favorite of yours I’ll try it!
  7. I don’t need to know about this but pay something forward. Buy someone a coffee, donate food/clothing/time to those who need it, walk some shelter dogs. Do something for someone else this holiday season and every day!