Snog/Marry/BFF: Harry Styles in NYC

keysmash snog marry bff harry styles new york city april 2017

Look at this trio. Look hard. Now make the difficult decision: who will you snog (meaning one and done), who will you marry, and who ends up your BFF? We’ll tell you ours if you tell us yours. Well, actually we’ll tell you ours anyway.

Isn’t it good to know we care about the real issues here at Keysmash? Okay, go!

new-key-avi-liz-50x50I’m pretty sure this one was my idea, and I’m currently hating myself for it. Snog Guitar!Harry, Marry Casual!Harry, BFF Lestat!Harry. Obviously I adore all facets of the very complex human that is Harry Styles, but the one iteration I think I could actually handle as a spouse is casual Harry. When he’s running around town in a Pride pin and a Harley tee shirt, brunching or drinking coffee or seeing HOCKEY GAMES FFS (pause for a moment while I do some deep breathing to get myself back on track) – that version of Harry and I would be aces together. Guitar!Harry is infinitely too cool for me, even when he’s making his weird (yet hot) brand new singing faces, but we could get down in the green room and/or backstage or frankly wherever he’d like a little action, let’s be real. But no way would we make it long term. As for Lestat!Harry … one of my favorite things about Harry Styles is how he actually enjoys being styled as androgynous as possible. James Dean in one photo, pink silk bows hanging off of every part of him in another. It’s glorious. And imagine having that person as your bestie! You’d never want for a dog collar or a ruffle or a sheer button down shirt ever!

new-key-avi-meg-50x50Snog Lestat!Harry, Marry Casual!Harry, BFF Guitar!Harry. I mean, I’d do any of the things with any of the Harrys but if I HAVE to choose, I guess this is how I’d go. Snogging Lestat!Harry because he’s the newest and I’m not quite ready to settle down with him yet. Casual!Harry and Guitar!Harry are interchangeable for me, but I went with Guitar!Harry as my bestie because he’s fun and entertaining and would probably bring famous people over for Sunday afternoon cookouts. Meanwhile, my husband Casual!Harry and I will be in our comfy clothes while we eat hot dogs and drink beer. Can the two Harrys kiss? Sunday Funday.  

new-key-avi-mel-50x50 Snog Lestat!Harry, Marry Casual!Harry, BFF Guitar!Harry. Harry is just the cutest. Lestat!Harry looks like he knows how to give a kiss that would change your life. Put me down in the Yes column. It was really a coin toss between the other two really. I love Harry and would be happy with either. 

*whistles the Jeopardy theme* OKAY PENCILS DOWN. What are your choices?

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    I’m going with Meg & Mel here…