Signs You’ve Gone From Watching a Show to Being a Fan of a Show

Some shows you can just watch because you enjoy them, some you become obsessed with. Here are some of the warning signs that you’re heading towards full-on fandom.

You follow the stars on Instagram.


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It starts with the one hot guy or lady and then suddenly it’s every one who has ever had a scene on the show, as long as you can find their name on the IMDb episode guide. While you’re there, you can see who else they follow, try to suss out if they’re single, and see what their interactions are like with each other. You’ll either end up with a new fantasy or a new RPF ship, and neither of those are bad things, am I right?

You make playlists of the songs used in each episode.

You know you’re really connecting with a show when you start looking up the music they use. Not every network does what MTV does and add the caption on the scene with the artist being played, so thank goodness for Tunefind and Spotify playlists.

You look up the writers.

If you’re a TV livetweeter then you know that the best people to follow while you’re watching is the writers of the show. They have unique insight into what’s happening, and sometimes they’ll even let you in on it. Plus you get cool behind-the-scenes photos, and they’re usually game to indulge in some fan speculation. And shipping! Our favorite TV writer moment was when the MacGyver writers picked up on our ship name hashtag at SDCC before the pilot even aired.

You trawl the tumblr tags.

I am TERRIBLE at tumblr, but when I’m really falling in love with a show I’ll go into the specific tags related to it and see what is going on. There’s a lot of gunk to wade through, but you’ll usually come upon some real gems. Ficlets, great gifsets, and fanart. Totally worth fumbling around on tumblr.

You can’t multitask while watching.


There are some shows you can throw on and follow just fine while you tweet and email and read a blog post. Then there are others that you get to about the opening credits before you’re riveted with your fingers frozen above your keyboard.

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