San Diego Comic Con starts NOW!!!!!

keysmash san diego comic con sdcc 2015 headerAs I type this, Meg and I are in our condo getting ready to head down to the convention center to pick up our press passes and get in line for preview night. We have a list of things we’re hoping to pick up and see on the convention floor (walker selfie! direwolves!), and we’re meeting up with some lovely pals as well. Other than preview night, we’ve got the Game of Bloggers (#GameOfBloggers) meet up this evening, and we are SO STOKED to be able to mingle with a bunch of our favorite bloggers and readers. Once that’s over we’ll be coming pack to the condo to grab our sleeping bags, and then we’ll be camping out for Ballroom 20!

Wanna see why we’re camping out?

keysmash sdcc san diego comic con 2015 thursday schedule

Check that schedule out. The stuff in red is what we’re hoping to do, and everything else is stuff we wish we could do if we had a timeturner or clones.

Our first panel in Ballroom 20 is the CBS lineup, which will include my fave new show Scorpion (#Scorpion), as well as new show Zoo (#CBSZoo) (which Meg is obviously pretty excited about). After that, Meg has to scoot off to interview Bradley James (OMG OMG OMG OMG), and Liz will be hanging out for the Sherlock panel (#Sherlock). Then. Comes. TEEN WOLF (#TeenWolf).


After that, we head off to the Damien (#Damien) panel, to bask in Bradley’s glow a little longer, and then we’ll be dolling up for the Geeks Go Glam! party (#GeeksGoGlam), which we’ll have to sneak out of to grab our Hall H wristbands for the next day.

Whew. That’s a lot. But we’re pumped, we have a stockpile of snacks and caffeine, and we’re ready to rock and roll.

Speaking of which, we have to go catch our shuttle now. <3


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Liz Keysmash
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  • So excited to hear how it all goes! Have a blast!

    • Liz Keysmash

      We’ll be working on recaps as soon as our batteries are recharged. 😉