Review: Wonder Woman

I was lucky enough to catch a ticket to this movie on a Thursday showing. I have been a ball of emotions since. I loved it. I loved it so, SO MUCH! I’m going to review it with being as spoiler free as possible so let’s get started.

I don’t even know where to begin. I loved it? It was perfect? I cried during a fight scene because it was beautiful? All of the above.

I mean Diana was PERFECT. She was everything Wonder Woman should have been. She was kind, caring, selfless, naive, powerful and so much more. She wasn’t over sexualized or forced to hide her powers to make her love interest feel like enough. (YOU KNOW THAT’S HAPPENED BEFORE!) It was her story and she took center stage.

The action was so beautifully shot. There was a battle scene that took my breath away. It embodied everything Wonder Woman was capable of. She refused to leave while people were hurting. Also there’s something awesome about how she was the one leading the charge. The men followed behind her and literally helped her soar.  (Think shieldmaiden)

I mean even the villain was so good. Well the big baddy. He helped highlight the light and dark that live within all of us and how it’s up to us to chose. Do we fight and protect the others who are hurting or do we add to their pain?

Gah. You just need to see it ok? Trust me it will all make sense and you’ll thank me. If you have seen it come talk to me in the comments so I can share my feels!!

PS here was my rushed nail art with the decals I reviewed earlier this week. (They work best over a light polish. )

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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      RIGHT?! Like I need to see it once a week.

  • It seems it is a nice movie … I love to watch this.