Review: Walgreens Wonder Woman Collection

Hey beauty/Wonder Woman Frands! I wanted to share my thoughts on the new collection at Walgreens and what I’d suggest you pick up if you’re in the market.

I’ve been SO excited for this collection. The first one Walgreens did I was too late to grab anything so I was determined to get my wants for this one. I was driving back from Cali when one of my groups text exploded with the news that it was finally in stores! (Bless my Hubs for being willing to take a liiiiiiiitle bit of a detour on our way so I could buy what I wanted.)


The display will look something like this. They’re sometimes hidden in the back of the store. Don’t be afraid to ask. I snagged the lip tin and two off the neutralish lip glosses. The gloss is AMAZING. It feels way more expensive than it’s $2 price tag. Smooth, hydrating and NOT sticky. WINNER! (PS it smells sweet and citrusy.)


Somewhere close by they will have the nail polish collection. I grabbed the stickers only because I have the nail colors in my collection already. The stickers will be just perfect for me to wear to see the movie. If anyone wants to see what I come up with lemme know. (Nail art is how I relax from a hard days work of fighting fascism.)


There is also brush set I’ve been toying with getting. I know I know, but I’m trying to save for another thing I want. I really don’t need anymore brushes. Maybe.

All and all I definitely think these are work taking a look at. Especially for the price. What looks good to you?


Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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