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Hey all Mel here to talk about the glorious movie that is Rogue One. I’m going to try and keep it as spoiler free as possible while trying to convince you to see it as soon as possible.

The first thing that made this stand out as not your traditional Star Wars film was the lack of a scroll title at the beginning. No background here. You’re thrown right into the story which I like. A lot. It helped me get into the headspace of “this is going to be different” from the get go.

In that headspace you’re prepped for the fact that this film doesn’t pull punches. Make no mistake there is a rebellion going on and people do what they must to survive. That leaves almost everyone you encounter being morally grey on one aspect. However, when compared to the horrors  of the Empire, you get why they leave nothing to chance. They can’t. It also makes the loss even greater. You’ve seen what they’ve done in the name of their cause. It can’t be for nothing so they’re willing to do anything to make the blood on their hands worth it.

Up until now we’ve only really seen small sacrifices in the name of the fight. One or two characters we know and love who take one for the team. Not here. This movie puts faces to this line  from the original. Now, I remembered this line and prepped my kids accordingly. (so SO glad I did.) However it wasn’t until we got to the last 1/3 of the movie that I truly realized what kind of sacrifices were on the table. And I’m not talking hollow ones either. You feel these.

Something that stood out to me was the makeup of each side. The allegory is very clear in this. It’s POC/LGBTQ+/people with disabilities against old white males. The hatred and contempt coming from the Empire is so reminiscent to what is happening now. You feel it. You see it. And going back to earlier you get why the rebels fight the way they do. You feel connected to the Rebels in a whole new way.

Now one of the main things I heard when this movie was coming out was were they going to address the vent issue? AKA why in the hell would they build a vent in a way that if hit would cause the whole thing to blow? Well, rest assured they got it covered. It makes sense and further adds to the sacrifices made.

I’m going to make a bold statement and say THIS is what the prequels should have been. This movie worked because not only did it blend old and new but didn’t spend so much time on the new. That goes for visuals and overall lore. Of course you’re going to need to spend time on new things but where the prequels were all “look at the graphics!” “CGI PORN” “Midichlorians!” this gave us the info in a way that made sense and helped move the plot. Keep your JarJar Binks. This has everything I need.

While it’s not perfect, I can’t stress how good this is. It gets the Mel stamp of approval!

Have you seen it? What did you like? Comment below and let’s chat!


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