Procrastination (Using Fandom to Put Off Everything)


So as the month of December approaches everyone starts to have deadlines creep up on them. And for people like me when you see a deadline you calculate exactly how long you can put something off before you have to actually do it. For me, I use any and all excuse to fall down various fandom sinkholes. Here are a few of my favorite holes.  

My favorite way to put off things is to spend time on Tumblr. It’s a sinkhole of fandom. It really lends itself to lots of tangents and finding exactly how deep a black hole is. Currently I tend to fall into the hockey tags, but the Harry Potter tag is always a welcome place.

Another great place to lose time is on AO3. I am a habitual fic diver. I could have 20 million bookmarks, but I love a good fic dive. I have found that AO3 really lends itself to a productive fic diving experience.

Occasionally I’ll mosey on over to DeviantArt. I love looking at people’s fandom expression and seeing the talent that their artwork takes. I have even found a fic or two over there that I really enjoyed.

So overall I think I’m well on my way to earning a high level degree with my procrastination. And since finals are coming up, I’ll probably be doing some heavy hours in my procrastination oases.

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  • Liz Keysmash

    Tumblr = sinkhole is the best fandom analogy I think I’ve ever read.