Point/Counterpoint: WIPs

Works in progress are fics that are posted one chapter at a time. Some people love them, some refuse to read them until they’re completed. Here are our opinions on them.

I read both WIPs and completed. I read so much fic that if I didn’t read WIPs I’d be SOL.  I am a big fan of WIPS though. Yes I’ve been burned, it happens. But I love the anticipation of not knowing what comes next and having to wait to find out. The excitement of getting a notification in my email that a fic has updated is like nothing else.

I am totally ok with people posting completed fics on a weekly basis, especially if it’s a completed fic. I get that you want people to enjoy and savor the story where posting a fic all at once doesn’t allow people to marinate in the story and anticipate the flow.

So if it’s a WIP or completed I’ll be there reading along the whole way.

I rarely ever read works in progress. I read fast, I’m impatient, and I don’t always trust that an author isn’t going to abandon a story midway. Unresolved fics make my teeth itch.

Lately I’ve noticed a rise in people purposely posting fics as WIPs even if the writing is finished. That feels like a grab for kudos or attention to me. Just post the whole fic!

I posted a story as a WIP one time only. Moon Dogs was a fic I was bound and determined to finish, and when I felt like I hit a wall, I put up the first chapters and hoped that would motivate me. Instead it STRESSED ME OUT. And ultimately I think it led to me rushing through the plot just to get to the end. I think I’d rather let something sit in my gdocs than go through that again.

Will you read a WIP, or are you a completed-only reader?

Liz Keysmash
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Liz Keysmash

Liz has a ginger kitty named Thackery Binx who chirps like a bird and plays fetch like a dog. She reads a lot of slash, and writes a bit as well. She thinks she’s a good cook, she brews beer, she's a total nerd about baseball, she reads YA fiction, she has recently rediscovered her love of pop music, she swears like a sailor.
Liz Keysmash
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    COMPLETE OR BUST. I’ve been burned too many times.