keysmash san diego comic con sdcc 2015 headerHOW DID THIS HAPPEN? But alternately HOW IS IT NOT JULY 8TH YET? Time seems to be dragging but also flying, no we don’t know how that’s possible, it just is. It’s probably totally unnecessary for us to say that we are SO EXCITED for SDCC, but whatever. We don’t care about redundancy. WE ARE SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR SDCC. We have press passes this year, so we have no idea what to expect as far as what we’re going to see and who we’re going to talk to, but as news starts slowly trickling out we can tell you what we’re looking forward to so far.

The first news we got that made us asdf;lkj is that BRADLEY JAMES IS COMING TO SAN DIEGO.

Pause. Take a breath. Read that sentence again. Are you flailing? Are you keysmashing? BECAUSE WE ARE DYING.

Our golden prince. At Comic Con. We will be in the same city, hopefully the same room, as Bradley James. He’ll be there promoting Damien with his co-stars and the executive producer, as well as a “special guest.” We’ll be getting a “first look” at the The Omen follow-up, and I’m hoping a Q&A with the cast as well. Or just give us a roundtable with Bradley, we’re not picky.

Then Warner Bros. updated their SDCC contacts page with social media information for a whole bunch of people who may or may not be attending the convention, but it does make us think that we’re going to get panels for The Flash, Gotham, iZombie, Supernatural, and Supergirl. DOES THAT MEAN ANOTHER HALL H LINE RUN IN FROM DRUNK JARED AND MISHA? At the very least that means coffee in the morning, right? *adds mini creamers to packing list*

Personally, I’m pretty stoked about the presence that Con Man is going to have at SDCC as well. I backed their Kickstarter, and I’ve been trying to keep up with all the Hang W/ sessions that have been happening, and overall I just think this show is going to be super fun. Looks like they plan on doing both the main con and Nerd HQ, and having some extra stuff as well. The show creator has been giving details via Hang W/, but the unofficial SDCC blog summed it all up here.

As far as panels go, that’s all the big stuff we know about so far. But one smaller panel has been announced that we’re pretty excited about: The Wrath of Con Bloggers. Featuring Megan Gotch of The Nerdy Girlie, Leonard Sultana AKA An Englishman in San Diego, Tony B. Kim of Crazy 4 Comic Con, and Alyssa Franks of Friends of CCI Forum, the panel will be all about the blogs and sites that support SDCC. Why are there so many? What is it about SDCC? We love all of these people and their blogs, so we know this will be a great discussion.

Speaking of loving these people, we’ll be attending a pretty awesome meet up with all of them on Wednesday night after the floor closes. The Game of Bloggers Meet Up is going to be HUGE, seriously, look at all of the bloggers listed on the meet up page. It’s free, and non-bloggers can also attend, and basically we are going to be making it rain business cards and drinking our anxiety away. Or at least I will be.

Last year preview night was mostly a chance to walk around and look at booths without worrying about panels conflicting, but this year there are actually exclusives we’re kind of excited about! Which basically boils down to Meg-needs-a-direwolf.


And that’s it … for now. We haven’t touched the list of guests that SDCC has been announcing on their front page (there are 50 of them … that is a lot), and we can’t even TALK about Marvel TV being there. It’s assumed they will be but nothing has been announced and I know Meg is dying in anticipation because Clark Gregg, but NOTHING HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED YET. GET IT TOGETHER MARVEL TV.

*deep breathes*

How is everyone? Ready? Not ready? Just non-stop crying for the next ~30 days?

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