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There are a few days left of the 2018 Winter Olympics, which means there are probably lots of great sports moments left to experience. But there have already been SO MANY that made us cheer and cry that we wanted to share our favorites with you.

   Ok, I admit it – I’m probably the only person in the world not watching the Olympics. So when we chose the topic of Olympics, I decided to go in search in some Olympic AU fics.

First things first – apparently everyone really likes figure skating when it comes to Olympic AU fics. I chose Dancing on Blades by tryslora. I am familiar with this author’s work and really like their writing style – always providing just enough angst to give you a slight twinge, but not make you wallow in bed. 

I really loved the interactions between Derek & Stiles in this fic. (Bonus Derek as a dad is too cute for words.) The story is well plotted out, but not bogged down by tons of jargon that really takes me out of the story.

So if you want to extend your Olympic experience I really suggest trying this fic out.

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Liz’s pick: Team USA women winning gold!

I know this is obvious, but the United States women beating Team Canada in the gold medal game was too good not to talk about. The rivalry between these women has been so contentious, we knew it was going to be a great game. But even beyond that, the whole story of Team USA is so incredible it’s worthy of a Disney movie. They staged a protest for fair wages and won, then came to the Olympics and took team Canada to one of the most nail-bitey overtime periods I’ve ever watched, and then the shootout. Then Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson pulled out the dirtiest shootout move, which she and her skills coach have dubbed Oops, I Did It Again, which ended up being the winning goal. Watch that shoulder move. Watch her pull that puck back to her forehand. Watch her make Shannon Szabados – one of the best goalies in the world – look absolutely silly. GOD. It’s gorgeous. Twitter was full of people staying up waaaaay past their bedtimes to watch this game, so many in fact that NBCSN had their best late-night ratings EVER, and talking about this game. My only hope is that people don’t forget about these women now that their game is over – KEEP SUPPORTING WOMEN’S HOCKEY.

I’ll admit to not watching much of the games this year. I’M SORRY! I was lucky enough to catch Tessa and Scott win the gold in Ice Dancing. Listen, I know they aren’t from my country BUT I JUST LOVE THEM OK? I think back to when they won gold in Vancouver and gah!! They are just so talented and work so well together.  *dreamy sigh*

Have you been watching? What has your favorite Olympic moment been, so far?

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    Mel I’m so glad that you admitted to not watching (but you are totally watching more than me)