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Sometimes, when you’re in a fandom, there comes a time where if you’re not getting what you need, you take matters into your own hands. This is exactly what the One Direction fans did on May 11, with a DIY single project for One Direction’s track, No Control off their album FOUR.

A woman named Anna, had the idea after seeing how the 1D fandom was starting to fall apart due to the 2 month break from tour the boys are on, the bad press, and unnecessary drama. She decided that the best way to bring us back together was to focus on what brought us here in the first place: the music.

She decided that it would be amazing if fandom could get the word out about No Control, which was co-written in part by Louis and Liam, as we only got two singles from FOUR, partly due to Zayn’s early departure from the band. No Control has been a fan favorite from the album, and was also recognized by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the Top 25 songs of 2014.

Yesterday, No Control was not only a worldwide trending topic on twitter, but also, Louis himself tweeted about it taking the #1 spot on Billboard’s #Trending140 chart.

louis tweet

Additionally, #ProjectNoControl kicked off with No Control day which is Sunday, May 17. Fans created a Thunderclap group, which allows you to input your information, and schedules a tweet for a certain day/time to create a social reach on social media. Right now, the Thunderclap group has a social media reach of almost 28 MILLION people!

Fans also took to twitter to tweet their local radio stations to play No Control, and already Nick Grimshaw, and Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1, Angus O’Loughlin on Shazam Top 20, and Mikey Piff on SiriusXM Hits 1, have all talked about the fan project, and played No Control during their shows. DIRECTIONERS GET SHIT DONE!


So, how can you help out?? Well firstly, join the Thunderclap group to show your support on May 17th. Secondly, tweet your local radio stations that you want them to play No Control and use the hashtag #ProjectNoControl and #WeWantNoControlAsASingle. Fourthly, tweet #NowPlaying (or #NP) No Control by @onedirection, so the song stays on Billboard’s #Trending140. Lastly, buy No Control, or gift it to a friend on iTunes, Amazon, etc. on May 17th!

Fandom is amazing ammirite?

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