My thoughts on last week’s Wynonna Earp plot twist.

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Episode four of Wynonna Earp had some major moments, so when I saw that episode five was being kept away from reviewers before it aired because it was such a “game changer,” I braced myself for a massive twist. The whole episode I waited, and while it was a great episode, nothing was really game changing.

Until the last scene.

My initial, knee-jerk reaction was, honestly, disappointment. Knocking up Wynonna changes SO MUCH. Good bye to our heavy-drinking party girl. Good bye to our reckless ass kicker. Would all the boys be trying to coddle our heroine? Would she be shamed for her love of casual sex? A pregnancy, and a baby, could change the tone of this show so much, and I’ve become fiercely protective of it.

Then I read the Variety interview with Emily and Melanie and did a total 180.

Say what you want about Emily and her statements and motives, but I truly believe she wants to do Wynonna justice. And she loves her cast. The fact that Melanie didn’t want to have to hide her own pregnancy makes me extra glad they decided to work it into the storyline. It also warms my hear to hear that a female actress on a genre show is being supported in this way.

Now I’m excited to see where this storyline goes. I doubt Wynonna is going to be thrilled about the pregnancy. Will she rebel against the idea and not take care of herself properly, or will she go full mama bear? We know Waverly is going to be the best auntie EVER. And OMG Doc and Dolls are going to flip their lids. What if Doc is the baby daddy, goodness, how does that even work? Did the immortality curse extend to his sperm? I hope it’s not hereditary. Ooh, imagine Dolls’ angst if the baby is Doc’s. Just coparent, boys!


I’m also super interested to see how Wynonna’s fighting style changes. Knowing that Melanie kept doing her own stunts, that the team worked to adjust things so a pregnant woman could keep kicking supernatural ass, makes me respect the show – and Melanie – that much more.

What are your thoughts on #BabyEarp? Can you see Wynonna as a mama? Who do you think the father is?

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