My Fic Wish List

As anyone who has a birthday near the holiday season can understanding – it isn’t the most birthday feeling. I’m lucky enough that mine is a little farther away from Christmas (January 6th to be specific), but it still gets lumped in.

So here is my birthday wish list, it’s just a few things I would love in the world of fic.


Columbus Blue Jackets Fic

Yep, I’ve officially fallen down the hole of hockey fic & enjoyed what few CBJ fics I’ve found. I would love to see some more. I mean we have a lot of young guys who need to be taught the ropes by the veteran players. 😉


Soul Bond Fics

I feel like there aren’t enough out there (at least in the fandoms I read). I don’t care how it shows itself: matching tattoos, seeing color for the first time upon meeting, spark of electricity, etc. These are some of my favorite types of fics.


Home Health Care

Look we get hospital fics all the time, but the real drama/craziness happens in home care. As someone who works in home care, I know it’s a great place for fic to take place. Just the whole premise sets you up for great fic material. A stranger coming into your home to help you/family member get back to being independent. And seriously you walk into crazy situations. Just ask me if you need some inspiration.


Hogwarts AU

Look I don’t care what fandom you are in, you NEED a Hogwarts AU. It’s like a must. I want to see what different characters get sorted where and how they handle being in the magically world.



I want to see how different fandoms would handle competing in high competition. I mean I love drag queens and pretty sure that some of these lovely males in different fandoms need to participate in the art form.


Love Lessons Fic

This is a long shot simply because I’ve never come across any (despite the fact that I have 1 sitting on my computer that has been waiting for me to finish for forever). This book series is one of favorites.I would love to see what other people did with the characters and what adventures and settings they are given by people.


So if you see something that falls into any of these please pass it along! It would really make my birthday.

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