Mel’s Blanket Fort: Feb 2017 Edition

Hey Friends! It’s been a kind of exhausting few weeks for me and I’m willing to bet it was for some of you too. Come inside my blanket fort and take a load off. Leave your troubles outside for a bit, grab a pillow and relax.

buffalo bites

Cauliflower Buffalo Bite: These are making my mouth water even now. THEY ARE SO GOOD! Well that is if you like spicy things. Now remember you can adjust the spice to fit your needs. I alway add more but I like things spicy.


Broiled Grapefruit: This make grapefruit eatable for me. I highly recommend this tasty treat.   So so GOOD!

Ok so if you like musicals and pop music you should give this a try. Todrick Hall wrote, composed, and directed this. IT IS AMAZING! It’s basically his life story and is so beautifully told. I am in awe.

If you need a break from things and just want a little background noise enjoy the sounds of the coffee shop. It’s an hour long!!

brunette:16332_2291 black guy head and blonde girl:16332_2297

Now for the TV show I was thinking we could get some motivation from the Leverage crew. They are so great at pinpointing who is directly to blame for things without placing guilt where it doesn’t belong. I love it and the stereotypes it subverts. It’s full of heart and love. You can find the whole series on Netflix.


If you’re in the mood to watch something light hearted and fun, the hindi film Bang Bang may hit the spot. The songs and the story are fun and enjoyable to watch. (It’s on Netflix)


OK so I have two books I plan on reading this month Not your Sidekick by C.B. Lee. It’s about superheros and first loves. It’s a young adult story that’s supposed to warm your heart. I can’t wait!


The other story is Cosmic Rendezvous by Robyn Amos. They had me at astronaut. It’s a romance and I can’t wait to read!

And I think that should get a through the next little bit! Remember to be kind to yourself and know the fort is always open!


Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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  • leckadams

    Ooo I might try the cauliflower thingy.

    Also today RPDR announced S9’s queens!

    AND did you know that there is a site that has Hogwarts background noises?!

    • melooza1

      *o/* I did not know about the hogwarts noises!! I think they’ll have to be in a future blanket fort.

  • Liz Keysmash

    What an amazing blanket fort! I’m adding those recipes to next week’s meal plan for sure. <3

    • Mel keysmash

      *o/* Let me know how you like them!