Medinah: First Sci Fi Show From Qatar To Premiere at SDCC

I wasn’t sure what to expect when the panel for Medinah started. I think I was still in shock I got such a good seat so easily in ballroom 20. But as the panel and then pilot progressed I became more and more interested in this show. Once it was done I wanted more and I needed a major channel to pick it up.

The first thing that stuck me was this show was created, produced and shot in the Middle East. The creator Ahemd Al Baker spoke passionately about the show and how they worked through their troubles. From shooting in the heat to making sure the footage was up to their standards. His production company worked tirelessly to do their best. It was awesome to watch. I love it when creators have such a passion for the project they’re working on.

The show utilized local talent in a leading way. By that I mean they have brown people in leading roles other than being a villain/background props. There are people coded as other ethnicities but there’s a balance to it all. If that makes any sense. A great example of this is how the show is constantly switch back and forth between Arabic and English. It felt natural and fit not only the show but the but the location.

The set up in the pilot looks promising. They laid a great foundation for things to come. I think the best way to describe it is Land of the Lost meets SG1. The actors all look pretty great too.  This show has it all and is an amazing example of what happens when we work with  another country instead of just consuming their stories. I want more. I NEED more. SyFy PICK IT UP PLEASE.

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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