Maybe It’s Time to Give PokemonGO Another chance

Hey friends, I wanted to encourage you to give this fun game another try. I was inspired to do this from my Bro In Law. He was telling us how when he first downloaded the game (when it just unveiled) it felt incomplete. He had no idea that at that stage the game was still in it’s beta form. Once he realized this he was joined in the fun. I figure this may have happened to a lot of people so I wanted to share all the fun additions to the new game!

First up we have the super cute loading screen which changes now and again to give you a heads up to upcoming events.

Speaking of events, this is an example of just a few of the fun things that are going on at any given time. Last month is was for Bulbasaurs and the kiddos and I headed out to our favorite place to catch pokemon. When we got there, there were tons of other people doing the same thing. What was great is they were all helping each other and giving pointers. We even ran into a little boy that goes to our school and they spent an hour and a half running around together. It’s always fun when you have a friend in a fandom that you love.  I think the only person who didn’t have a good time was an older guy grumping about “people can’t even look of from there phones when they’re in the park”.  I mentioned what we were all doing there and he remained unimpressed. Sorry, Dude. 

When there aren’t events the game offers daily bonuses for playing. You want to get to the 7th day because that one has the biggest pay out. This matters because in the beginning it was so hard to level up in the high levels. This makes it go more quickly and is a fun way to do it. I does *totally* suck when you forget a day though.

I think my favorite new feature would have to be getting to have a “buddy”. This is basically a Pokemon that has the chance to “find” candy while you’re out and playing. They do this by the distance you walk. Every Pokemon is different in how far you have to go to get a candy so it’s up to you on who you want to pick. I love this because it makes it easier to get candy for the harder to find (in your area) ones. I live on the surface of the sun so fire Pokemon are a plenty. What’s not so abundant are water types. Having a buddy lets me get candy while getting exercise. I call that a win/win.

There are many other things that are going on in the game but why not let you discover those on your own. I know this game isn’t for everyone but I would encourage you to give it a shot.  We’ve had so many fun memories with this game and found some really cool places because of it. Take a chance and you may just like it!


Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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