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Seeing as most people now have a Game of Thrones-shaped hole in the lives after the cliffhanger of season six, it’s a good time to check out what gossip is currently out there about season seven.

Obviously this is a pretty dangerous activity as the plot of season seven has been leaked online. So rather than dealing out any spoilers, it seems like a better idea to gain some evidence from trailers, celebrity spottings, and even some of those online casino games to see where this thrilling fantasy series could head next.

It’s all become a little more exciting as HBO recently showed a teaser trailer for season seven that shows that it’ll be just as intense and blood-spattered as season six. Whether it’ll have another action scene like the amazing Battle of the Bastards in season six remains to be seen, but as Emilia Clarke stated that there will be less lead characters in the future, it suggest that there’ll be plenty of blood!

Although there’ll be a dependable amount of convoluted plotlines and violence, it seems that the Game of Thrones producers are making this season a little different. This is because it will be shown in summer, not the usual spring, and it will also only feature seven episodes.

This will set up the series for what’s expected to be an incredible final eighth season that will hopefully not be the last we hear from this record-breaking series. Already there’s been a massive amount of speculation about whether there will be any spin-offs in the form of prequels or movies.

And although the author George R.R. Martin managed to momentarily stop the internet by suggesting a potential Westworld/Game of Thrones crossover, this probably isn’t going to happen!

Thankfully the gaming world has given us plenty of options for staying in touch with the lands of Westeros in the meantime. As well as a great episodic Game of Thrones game from Telltale, the fantasy series also introduced me to Betway’s online casino thanks to the slots game that’s based on the show.

And although George R.R. Martin looks like he’s still no closer to finishing the Winds of Winter book, it seems like the actors of the TV show have been enjoying themselves with photo leaks in the newspapers showing the stars popping up everywhere from Spain to Northern Ireland.

So whilst we have plenty of tabloid gossip and online casino games to keep us occupied, it looks like there will be a bit of a wait before we hear any more from Game of Thrones.

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