It’s OK to Give Yourself a Pass

Hey friends! Mel here to talk about passing on certain media for your mental health. I feel like it’s becoming more and more acceptable to mock those who avoid things for personal reason. I think that’s awful and want to talk about why it’s good to take care of yourself. Not just from dark topics but from things you may not have time for at the moment. I’m going to share a few of my own with you in a hopes it will helps others feel better about their own decisions. It’s nice to not feel like the only one who passes on popular things.

Alright, one of the shows I’ve decided I’m not going to watch is Jessica Jones. I know it’s gotten mixed reviews and I know it can be good for some to watch. I’m just not one of those people. I read up on the subject matter and had to be honest with myself. These past two years have kind of been awful for me and brought up a lot of feelings from childhood traumas I’ve had to sort through. For me, this show would only add to that. It’s not something I want to or can do right now so I’m passing.

I haven’t gotten any push back when I allude to why I’ve passed on Jessica Jones, but I HAVE gotten some for why I’ve passed on things I love. The one at the top of this list is Attack On Titan. I LOVE this show. I watched the entire first season in less that 24 hours. It’s so good! Naturally when the second season became  available I was ready to do it all again. This changed when I watch exactly one episode. I could not watch anymore and honestly don’t know when I will be able to. The show didn’t get any darker but my ability to deal with it vanished. (I blame the GOP.)  Is this forever? Hopefully not but as of right now, I’m passing.

And the last example I wanted to share is simply saying “not now” for something that I knew would bring me nothing but joy. I became aware of Hamilton right before the show moved to Broadway. NPR had the soundtrack up for free to listen to right before the cast album dropped. I listened to one song and *knew* it was going to be amazing. In order to understand why I had to hold off you have to understand: when I love a thing I tend to LOVE a thing. I often don’t have a middle ground. Because of that I  knew I would have to put off listening until I was able to have the time. That turned out to be eight months. (Tiny humans require a lot of attention and they come first.) When I finally listened I fell in love like I knew I would. I was also able to share it with my kids which brought a whole other level of joy to the mix. (Accept for when I listened to “It’s Quiet Uptown/Stay Alive (Reprise)” while dropping them off at school and WEEPING. (0/10 would not recommend.) My friends totally teased me (LOVINGLY) for having not listened yet but I will forever be grateful I waited.

I think the biggest point I wanted to make with this post is that you’re not less or broken or weak for passing on something. We all have unique perspectives that shapes the world we see. Do what you have to, to make your world the best place for yourself.

Have any popular things you passed on? Lemme know in the comments below so I can give you a hug. 🙂

Mel Keysmash

Mel Keysmash

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  • leckadams

    I totally do the not now thing all the time. It’s the only way I can cope with lots of things