Hockey Fan to Fandom

I grew up loving hockey. My family had season tickets to the local professional team while I was growing up. I even celebrated my 13th birthday by taking a bunch of friends to a hockey game. I’ve bought game worn jerseys, ate horrible arena hot dogs, drooled over players and had beer spilled on me. I thought I couldn’t immerse myself further into hockey. Oh how wrong I was.

I’ll be the very first person to admit to anyone that I read fanfiction. What I didn’t realize though, was there was hockey fic. I read my first hockey fic (and although I had to google a few people so that I could know who they were) I was left feeling awkward. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy it, I really did, but it was an odd feeling having something that you have loved and “participated” in for years be presented in a format that you aren’t used it.

So from there I jumped down the rabbit hole. I follow hockey tags on tumblr, watch video clips, listen to podcasts and even read ‘self-insert’ fic. (I don’t ever use my name though in my head when reading it, I think for me that would be too much). One of my favorite things about the hockey fandom is the fan art. In a lot of the cases people wouldn’t call it fan art, but that’s exactly what it is. Art made by fans. 


My journey into the fandom of hockey has been entertaining and enjoyable, but I think for me the best part has been finding other people who are hockey fans. I love to hear others getting excited or worked up when their teams are playing and just sharing that love in general.

Go #CBJ! We Are the Fifth Line! 

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  • Liz Keysmash

    That’s exactly how I felt when I read my first baseball RPF!

    • leckadams

      It was such a strange feeling. Also I’ve never read a fic with any CBJ players in it so I’m sure if (when) I do. It will be a whole other revelation.

      • Liz Keysmash

        It’s very strange.

        • leckadams

          Now I feel like I need to dive for some CBJ fic

          • Liz Keysmash

            There’s definitely some good stuff out there.