Gooty’s gonna stick. (Scorpion 4.01, Extinction)

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It honest to goodness confounds me why more people don’t watch this show. It is so DELIGHTFUL. This team, this family, gives me so many feelings I can barely contain them. Is it ridiculous and over-the-top? Absolutely, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

People have been bothering Team Scorpion since it started about doing a musical episode. It makes sense, since their cast is super musical. For a second I thought they finally went there, but using the scenes the way they did was so smart. We got a little bit of singing from Katherine and Elyes and Ari, and the COSTUMES for everyone (Happy’s Bjork-style flamingo dress gives me LIFE), and the dancing! What made it even better was that it came from Walter’s brain, as a direct result of his relationship with Paige progressing. The fact that their feelings for each other makes him think in musical is just darling.

But, this is Scorpion, so of course nothing goes that smoothly. You can see where the friction with their relationship is going to come in. Walter is still technically her boss, and his dealings with the team are not soft and often not loving (or at least not in the way you’d want it to be if you were romantically involved). Logically, it makes sense, but love is not always logical. Unfortunately, Walter always is. That will probably be the cause of a lot of arguments or tense situations between the two of them. I just hope that things don’t get too messed up before they even get a chance to start.

As we all know, I’m not always down for the redemption arc, so them bringing back Mark Collins and then working with him really stuck in my craw. I’m glad that no one gave him free pass after what he tried to do to Toby and other team members, but at the same time I didn’t enjoy seeing him getting electrically shocked on the regular. That was hard to watch, even if I want Collins gone. Especially the part where he was in the van sitting on top of a fire while being electrocuted – but that’s all related to their actual case, and we just want to talk about the characters right?

Let’s talk about Happy and Toby and PANNSCABOBI. I have already forgotten what all the letters in the acronym for their marriage degree stand for, but that’s fine because they forget to stick to it pretty frequently. It’s all good stuff – honesty, supporting each other, etc. – but no marriage is perfect. Just the thought of them sitting down and drawing up a decree like this makes me so happy. I hope they keep their relationship fairly drama free now. Just let Happy be Happy, show!

Speaking of Happy, have we seen much of her and Sylvester’s dynamic up to this point? I don’t think we have. They’re really sweet together. Especially with Sylvester struggling with missing Megan and feeling like he’s not doing enough to honor their brief but very important life together. My heart hurts for that sweet boy, reading his obituary and finding it lacking. Thinking he lost his wedding ring. (As if Happy didn’t go back to get it, please.) If this season’s Sly arc is going to be him finding himself I’m going to spend a lot of hours crying about him.

Meanwhile Cabe Gallo is a big damn hero. He does so much for this team. Being tethered to Collins is awful enough, but having to decide between releasing him or preventing an extinction event is being between a rock and an insane place. Obviously Cabe chose saving the world, but having to let Collins go (after Collins played the team like a fiddle to orchestrate his escape) is going to screw things up for Cabe, and probably the whole team, long term. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Lots of set up for lots of potential season-long drama! I can’t wait to see where it all goes.

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