Gardening, yay!

I am currently obsessed with gardening. Yes you read that right – gardening. For forever, I’ve enjoyed buying fruits and veggies from local farm stands so I thought since I finally have a yard I would grow my own. I’ve done a lot of research on techniques, how to’s, and local climate to grow what’s best. So I had my handy hubs build me a raised bed garden and it’s HUGE garden.

The best book I found that was super informative was actually one that I read about on tumblr. The Backyard Homestead: Produce All the Food You Need on Just a Quarter Acre! By Carleen Madigan This book has provided amazing information for my planting and spacing. So far it hasn’t lead me wrong and I already have peppers and tomatoes on my plants!

Pinterest has also been a huge help with ideas on other gardening techniques. I used the 5 gallon bucket idea to plant my potatoes and my hubs actually found a basic layout for our garden on their. I’ve also used it for home remedies to keep bugs off and keep the blight away from my tomatoes and squashes. Seriously, typically I write off pinterest, but my hubs has used it more than me for ideas in the garden.

And by far the best thing about gardening – it gets me outside. So far the weather hasn’t been too bad, but I know that eventually the Midwest humidity is going to be here. I would usually only head out near dusk, but having a garden forces me to be outside more so not only will I have fresh veggies, but hopefully I’ll get some good sun and sweat off some weight!


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