Friday Faves: Ways to Stay Warm

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Spring is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that we can say goodbye to the cold.

Lauren’s pick: Fingerless gloves

I am not a person who generally gets cold, even when it is cold. It’s got to be a hell freezing day for me to even give up my flip flops, but the one thing I do break out when it’s cold is my fingerless mittens. These things (whichever pair I decide to wear) are super warm and nice because I can still do things like text, type and tweet. I also love making them so I have a few pairs lying around at any given time.

Liz’s pick: Hot beverages

Feeling cold isn’t a big deal to me; when you live in Wisconsin, cold is more a state of mind. Heh. Also, my body temperature regulator is wonky, so sometimes I’m cold when it’s warm, and I’m warm when it’s cold. I’m a no-coat person, which gets me scolded frequently, but I almost always wear long sleeves and multiple layers. I have some temperature idiosyncrasies, let’s say. ANYWAY. There are a few situations in which I hate feeling cold. Being indoors and feeling cold when there’s no real good reason drives me nuts. My office building is almost always freezing, and if you want a window seat you’re likely to have cold air blowing on you (whether it’s a draft or the AC always being on even in winter). My go-to solution to this (other than wearing hoodies 99% of the time) is to drink something hot. Even when I’m only drinking water, I get it from the hot faucet on the water dispenser instead of the cold. Coffee in the morning, hot water, then tea in the afternoon. Hot beverages are so lovely.

Mel’s pick: Blankets

Listen, I know that 60* isn’t cold for most people but it is for me. I live in AZ and anything below 75* and I’m in a blanket. Stop judging me!!!  I’m allergic to that cold! (Really. Anything below 65* and I breakout in hives.)  Basically you can always find me with a blankets wrapped around me. Yes, even in summer because people seem to think they need to set the AC to Arctic. If I could find a way to wear a blanket at work I would.

How do you stay warm?

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