Five Things: Winter Wonderlands

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Every Friday we’ll pick a theme and then five things (hence the name! We’re so original!!!!!) that fit that theme. Feel free to make your own choices in the comments, or send them to us on Twitter. This week we’re talking about the places where we’d love to winter. A snowy paradise or a warm destination to escape the flurries, real or fictional, these are the places we’d choose to spend our winter months.

Liz’s pick: Narnia (via)

new-key-avi-liz-50x50There’s something extra magical about winter to me. I would love to be somewhere actually magical that is covered in snow. The movie Narnia was so beautiful, it totally made me want to explore.

Liz’s pick: Milwaukee (via)

new-key-avi-liz-50x50I get plenty of winter right in my own hometown, and while I think my city is pretty and awesome all year I think it looks especially pretty in the winter. The lake never really freezes (the edges of it do) but the river does, and the park across the street from my house becomes a popular sledding spot. Yeah, it gets grey and slushy and dirty looking, and the first big melt shows off all the trash the banks have accumulated, but Milwaukee winters are beautiful and I love them.

Liz’s pick: Frogtown Hollow (via)

new-key-avi-liz-50x50I just want to go down the ice slide onto the river with Emmett and Ma Otter.

Meg’s pick: Costa Rica

new-key-avi-meg-50x50I’m blowin’ this popsicle stand and goin’ somewhere warm. Bye.


Meg’s pick: Shenandoah Valley


new-key-avi-meg-50x50But if I have to pick somewhere cold, I’m staying close to home. The valley is beautiful in the summer but there’s also something really special about it in the winter. And I have really fond memories of visiting relatives there over the holidays. My cousins and I would play in the snow, there would usually be a fire outside with a big pot of cider over it, and a house full of people stays pretty warm.


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  • leckadams

    I guess I would like to be somewhere very picturesque cause the winter’s here are not. When we get snow it quickly turns grey and is just gross.

  • leckadams

    OOoo or what about somewhere like the Island of Misfit toys. It’s white with “snow” but definitely doesn’t look cold or wet.

    • Liz Keysmash

      That is a great idea!