Five Things: School Lunches We Wish We Could Have Again

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Every Friday we’ll pick a theme and then five things (hence the name! We’re so original!!!!!) that fit that theme. Feel free to make your own choices in the comments, or send them to us on Twitter. This week we’re talking about the lunches we miss from when we were school kids.

Liz’s pick: Chicken patty (via)

This one is probably pretty obvious, but didn’t we all live for #ChickenPattyDay? It was one of the most palatable hot lunches my school district offered, for sure. I would hate to know what’s in them, but I’d go back to being 15 if it meant I could sit with my pals and eat one. (And also not have to worry about anything real like bills and politics, because we didn’t care about that stuff back then.)

Liz’s pick: Mock chicken legs (via)

Speaking of food I never want to learn the content of … I miss mock chicken legs so much that I buy them now and then and make them at home. They don’t taste quite the same, but it’s enough. The gravy we had for our potatoes was also amazing, in that fog of memory type way.

Liz’s pick: Crumble/cobbler 

The days we got a fruit crumble we’re just the best. Sometimes it was blueberry, sometimes raspberry, I think it might have been cranberry occasionally? It was so good. I have had better made crumbles and cobblers since my childhood but I’d still pay for a weird mushy square of school crumble if I could.

Mel’s pick “Grilled cheese” via

Ok so I couldn’t find a picture of how the school did it so I’ll just tell you. They made it all fresh. They took bread dough, rolled out half on a cookie sheet, then covered it with SO MUCH CHEESE, covered it with the other half of the dough and then baked it. I used to suck up to the lunch ladies so they’d give me the corner piece. My Slytherin is showing isn’t it? Whatever it was worth it!! 

Mel’s Pick: Chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes via

Listen, I know this looks like vomit. I don’t care because it tasted delicious to me. I’ve even made a version of this as an adult. It was salty, meaty goodness over mashed potatoes that were indeed from a box. I still miss it even though I know better. 

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  • leckadams

    Mel, we called the Chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes, Hotshots and it was served on a piece of white bread. It was magical and one of my absolute favorites.
    I also was a HUGE fan of the school pizza….it was the flat rectangle and literally came in a large perforated sheet that they baked, but fuck that pizza was good.

    • Mel keysmash

      yay! It makes my tummy happy just thinking about it. I think I’m going to have to add it to my menu for the winter. (It’s still too hot to thinking about slow cooking anything.)

      Pizza is always a fave, huh?