Five Things: Most Anticipated Shows From Streaming Services

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Every Friday we’ll pick a theme and then five things (hence the name! We’re so original!!!!!) that fit that theme. Feel free to make your own choices in the comments, or send them to us on Twitter. This week we’re talking about upcoming shows exclusive to streaming services, because companies like Netflix and Hulu are KILLING the game right now.

Liz’s pick: Future Man, Hulu (NSFW LANGUAGE)

That’s not a real trailer but Josh Hutcherson cursing, y’all. I hope he gets to curse in the show. SORRY, ANYWAY, FUTURE MAN. It’s a “sci-fi action comedy” and it sounds awesome. Also I love Josh Hutcherson (especially if he gets to curse). Seth Rogen has done an awesome job with Preacher so I trust him not to make a shitty show. Everything I’ve read about it sounds amazing, and I can’t wait until November to start watching.

Liz’s pick: Mindhunter, Netflix

GROFFSAUCE in a mindfuckery crime show? Yes and also please. He looks so hot and serious in that suit. I love crime shows, but I especially love crime shows that feature profilers and people who try to get in the heads of criminal. Criminal psychology is so fascinating, but I think studying it in real life would be horribly depressing, so television is a good way to satisfy my curiosity without sending me round the twist.

Meg’s Pick: Medici: Masters of Florence

I don’t actually know anything about this show, and haven’t seen the first season, but yesterday Liz linked me to an article saying that Daniel Sharman and Bradley James will be in s2 and will play BROTHERS, so. Hashtag anticipating.

Mel’s Pick: Star Trek Discovery

I am SO excited for this that I’m only mildly annoyed I have to get ANOTHER video streaming sub. WHY CBS WHY? All joking aside, this looks to be an amazing edition to the star trek family. I was lucky enough to go to a press conference for this at SDCC and you could see the love the actors having for their show. SO EXCITE!

Mel’s Pick: Goblin on Viki

While I can watch this on Dramafever but that site and I don’t get along. It crashes and I end up cursing their servers to all kinds of different places. It’s not pretty. That’s why I’m WAITING for Viki to get the rights so I can stream it there. PLEASE HURRY!

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