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Every Friday we’ll pick a theme and then five things (hence the name! We’re so original!!!!!) that fit that theme. Feel free to make your own choices in the comments, or send them to us on Twitter. This week we’re talking about automobiles that really became their own characters.

Lauren’s pick: Tony’s Burgundy Suburban (via)

In the 6 seasons of the Sopranos, Tony only had 3 cars. His suburban is the 1 car that I relate to him. Now it might not be as iconic as some cars, but it’s also one that is easily associated with the Sopranos.

Liz’s pick: Baby from Supernatural (via)

I don’t think you can get more iconic than a car that had an entire episode of a television show told from its point of view. One of the best episodes of the entire series of said television show, nonetheless. Baby is such an important character in the show that the closed captions even acknowledge her when she speaks. Last night’s episode, there was a part where the captions said [Baby purring] and that probably made my entire life. This car is sexy and she knows it, and she’s probably the only thing Dean can ever truly, unconditionally love. I want one.

Liz’s pick: Mutt Cutts van from Dumb and Dumber (via)

This van is so iconic that people dress their vans up in cosplay to go to conventions. And not even to show it off, but to park it in the lot and let people admire it. Every time I see one I crack up.

Mel’s Pick: Vista Cruiser

I can’t think of this show without thinking of this car. I mean Grandma Foreman died in it. Eric and Donna got caught doing the do in it. It’s as much a part of the show as any person. Fight me.

Mel’s Pick: The Blueberry from Psych

I mean do I have to explain this? You’re watched the show, right? I mean it was half shot in this car. I love it and I want one.

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